03-03-13 Glen Elder City Council Meeting II

Not much in terms of formal action at last night's relatively short March Glen Elder City Council meeting. At the request of City Superintendent Eldon Behymer, the council did agree to begin repair work on the city's deteriorating valley gutters and curbs. Behymer's plan basically called for the city to do most of the project work with contractor Randy Koosler doing the forming and finish work. According to Behymer, the city could eliminate about half the project cost this way. The first project will be a leaky valley gutter on Hobart Street as soon as the weather permits,
A fire department request to allow unit members to go to a paging system through their cell phones was quickly OKed. The new paging system would however, not eliminate the use of pagers. The cost to set up the cell phone system - $359.00.
The bill to fix a water line leak at the intersection of Hobart and U.S. Highway 24 is going to get picked up by the Kansas Department of Transportation. According to the City Superintendent, the leak was created when the guard rails, located on the east side of the recently refurbished bridge, were set. And as such, KDOT has agreed to pay for the fix which includes moving the water line out of harm's way.
The council also discussed the possibility of going to an e-mail system to save the cost of stamps when monthly utility billings are sent out. The biggest drawback appeared to be the perception many older residents don't own a computer. No decision was made.
And finally, if you are planning to dosie-doh in Glen Elder, you won't be doing it at the city shop building. A request by city staff to not allow dances in the shop building got a quick yes from the council last night.

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