Mitchell County Commissioners May 5, 2014

The Commissioners disposed of a light agenda of business for the County yesterday morning.

First on the agenda was Scott Davies, the Emergency Management Director. He asked to meet with the Commissioners in an executive session for the purpose of discussing nonelected personnel for a period of fifteen minutes. When the regular meeting resumed at eight fifty-four a.m., it was announced no action had been taken.
Next up was Kathy Webster representing Pawnee Mental Health. She informed the Commissioners that May was Mental Health Awareness Month and asked that they sign a Proclamation Declaring May as Mental Health Month in Mitchell County. This led to a conversation among Webster and the Commissioners about the importance of easy availability of mental health resources for those in need of them. Tom Claussen commented, "The tragedies across our nation over the past few years had highlighted the need for mental health resources." Claussen moved and it was seconded to adopt the proclamation. His motion passed unanimously.
Webster also informed the Commissioners that a vacancy exists on the Pawnee Mental Health Board. This group meets ten times a year on the fourth Tuesday of each month except for two. The meetings are in Clay Center. Webster urged anyone who is interested to contact her. There is a need for one permanent member and a need for an alternate member.
Larry Emerson, Public Works Superintendent, brought to the Commissioners attention the need for action on the guard rails on the road across the Glen Elder dam. The post and cable arrangement was originally installed when the dam was built in the 1960s. Deterioration has occurred over the years and something will need to be done in the near future to address the safety of the system. Emerson has been in contact with Senator Jerry Moran's office in Hays to check on grants or other sources of revenue to fund a replacement project. While the status of the guard rails is not critical it will require attention in the not-too-distant future. Emerson is collecting information in order to submit to Senator Moran's office.
Emerson also informed the Commissioners that the phone lines across the Tice Bridge have been relocated by the phone company
The auger purchased by the County to be used to drill the 18 inch holes for the bridge pilings is in Topeka. Scott Hartman will pick it up and deliver it to Beloit this week. Emerson's crews should be able to begin the work of drilling the holes for the pilings toward the end of next week. The work of demolishing the current bridge and constructing the new bridge should take at least four months, according to Emerson. "This will be a more complicated project that usual," he announced. "A pumper truck will be necessary to get the concrete into the holes drilled for the pilings because of their distance from the road," he said.
Commissioner Claussen announced a new program will be offered in Beloit this summer. Beginning May 22 and ending August 13 a free, nutritious lunch will be served to any and all children ages one to eighteen. The lunch, served in the Lutheran Park, will be available at no cost to the children or their families. The program, known as Kid's Café, will be implemented totally with private funds with no tax money being used to fund it. Daily sponsors are being actively recruited to keep the program on a sound financial basis. It is estimated that the cost will be one hundred fifty dollars per day.
Mike Cooper requested a fifteen minute executive session for the purpose of discussing non elected personnel. The session was to include the three commissioners and County Clerk Chris Treaster. At the conclusion of the executive session it was announced no decisions had been made.
At that point having dispatched of all the business of the county, the Commissioners adjourned.


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