County Commissioners Meeting May 19, 2014

The Mitchell County Commissioners held their regular weekly meeting Monday morning with a fairly light agenda. After the meeting was called to order County Clerk, Chris Treaster, reminded everyone that the filing deadline for the upcoming election is twelve o'clock noon, on Monday June second. Anyone wishing to run for any local, state, or federal office must file by that deadline.
Kristen Kadel, interim County Health Nurse requested a twenty minute executive session with the Commissioners to discuss non-elected personnel. When the regular meeting resumed, it was announced that no decisions had been made.
Larry Emerson, Public Works Superintendent, reported that his crews have pumped out the water on both sides of the Tice Bridge and demolition is progressing with good speed. The east rock wall and the bridge deck have been demolished with the west bank wall to be done next. He reported there was lots of rock and dirt that will need excavated.
Emerson reported that his crews are ready to make asphalt mix when the time comes. The new mower has been delivered and they have checked it out and it is ready to go. All they need is rain.
Emerson told the Commissioners that he will be losing another employee, a truck driver, in the near future. This will make him two short of a full crew. He will advertise the position and hopefully get a suitable applicant on board right away.
Commissioner Jim Marshall announced that he will be going to Hays for an appointment with an eye specialist. He also has an appointment to meet with office personnel at Senator Jerry Moran's office in Hays. Marshall hopes to work with Moran's office to find ways to help finance the replacement of guard rail cables and posts on the road across the Glen Elder dam.
Ed Debesis, WEMS director, addressed the Commissioners regarding overtime hours he worked in the month of April. Shortage of staff requires that he fill in to maintain adequate coverage. He submitted a bill for fifty-one and one-fourth hours at thirteen dollars per hour. The Commissioners voted unanimously to reimburse Debesis for the overtime hours.
Local attorney Curt Frazier and John Haas of the Ranson Bond Company presented the Commissioners with final paperwork for the refinancing of the Hospital bonds. The lengthy project is nearing its end. The Commissioners voted three to zero to adopt Resolutions 05-14 and 06-14 finalize the agreements and to approve the sale of the bonds. It was noted the County Clerk, Chris Treaster, did a "mountain" of paperwork to expedite the process.
Commissioner Tom Claussen reminded everyone that the upcoming weekend will be a big one for Beloit and Mitchell County. The VFW will conduct a service at the Solomon River Bridge in honor of the Veterans. A wreath will be placed in the river at nine o'clock Monday morning. There are many other activities planned.
With all their business concluded, the commissions adjourned the meeting.

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