Mitchell County Commissioners Report Tuesday because of Memorial Day, May 27, 2014

The Mitchell County Commissioners held their weekly meeting on a Tuesday this week because of Monday being Memorial Day, a Federal holiday.

After the meeting was called to order the Commissioners briefly reviewed the weekend's activities in Beloit and the surrounding area. It was the general consensus that the various activities were very well attended and, by all accounts, it was a very successful experience for Mitchell County. The Commissioners wanted to extend their thanks to the many volunteers who gave unselfishly of their time and expertise so that the projects could run smoothly.
Commissioner Jim Marshall reported that last Monday he met with representatives from Senator Jerry Moran's office in Hays to discuss the post and cable guard rail replacement project at the Glen Elder dam. He was directed to submit a letter to Senator Moran detailing the specifics of the project in as much detail as possible. He felt somewhat encouraged by the fact that they hadn't been turned down cold which happens in many cases such as this.
Stan Deneke, County Noxious Weed supervisor, was first to address the Commissioners. He distributed to the Commissioners copies of his yearly plan of activities for their review and approval. He noted that spraying on both sides of the road were planned for one hundred twenty-five miles of blacktop road, three hundred seventy miles of county roads, and one hundred seventy miles of township roads.
Ed Debesis, EMS Director, was next on the agenda. He asked for a five minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. When the regular meeting resumed, it was announced no decisions had been made.
Debesis then distributed to the Commissioners copies of the bids he had received for the heating/air conditioning unit replacement for the Medical Services Building. Hake Plumbing and Heating of Tipton and Johnson Plumbing and John Francis of Beloit had submitted bids for the work. Discussion was conducted regarding the pros and cons of each bid. Commissioner Mike Cooper made a motion to accept the bid from Hake Plumbing of Tipton for the project. It was seconded and passed by a vote of 3-0.
Debesis reported that an employee called in sick on Sunday and he had to return from an out of town visit to Wichita to provide coverage.
Tom Claussen announced they had a Neighborhood Revitalization Grant request from Steve Gasper of Tipton. He submitted a grant for a thirty-two by forty foot garage to include electrical work, concrete floor and approach, and storage areas in the amount of seventy-six thousand, nine hundred eighty-nine dollars. By a 3-0 vote, the Commissioner approved the request.
Larry Emerson, Public Works Superintendent, reported to the Commissioners that work was progressing at a very good rate on the Tice bridge replacement project. His crews have used the new auger to bore fourteen holes on the east side of the bridge project for piling peers. They are eighteen inched in diameter and nine feet deep. They have poured cement in eleven of the holes and will finish the other three today. Then they must load up the equipment and transport it a few miles around so that they can set up on the west side and drill the holes there. Emerson reported that the new auger had already paid for itself comparing its cost to the cost of contracting the drilling to an outside company.
Emerson informed the Commissioners that they are hand patching holes in the asphalt roads and will soon do some blade patching. He also said the new lowboy trailer will be in this week and they can put it right work moving equipment around at the Tice Bridge project.
Chairperson next asked to his fellow Commissioners, "Do you guys have anything?" This sparked a discussion regarding the post and cable guard rail replacement project. It appears that this project has surfaced from time to time in the past and several plans have been considered, but at this point, nothing solid has materialized. One estimate approaching three million dollars to replace the posts and cables on both sides was examined. The Commissioners concluded that they needed the cold hard facts of replacement cost as the first step in the project.
Commissioner Tom Claussen gave an update on the Kids Café project at the Lutheran Church. A noon meal will be provided free of charge each weekday from now until August thirteenth, with no meal being served on July 4. Any youngster from the age of one to eighteen is eligible for the free noon meal. Eighty children have signed up for the program at this time. The project is entirely funded through donations and no tax money is being used in any way. Claussen announced that donations and contributions are still being thankfully accepted.
Claussen reported that the Color Run on Saturday morning was a very successful project. One hundred thirty runners and walkers participated in the Run. The Commissioners extended thanks to Heather Johnson for her work on the project.
Having concluded all of the business of the County, the Commissioners adjoined the meeting.


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