Mitchell County Commissioners Meeting

Monday, June 9, 2014

By Terry Bailey


The regular weekly meeting fo the Mitchell County Commissioners was conducted with two Commissioners, Jim Marshall and Tom Claussen present and with one commissioner, Mike Cooper, absent.

After calling the meeting to order a general discussion was held regarding the various activities conducted in Mitchell County over the past weekend. It was the general consensus that the Eight Man All Star Games were very successful and that the city of Beloit and Mitchell County benefited greatly from this activity that drew visitors from all across the state of Kansas. The Relay for Life activity was again conducted and it too was considered very successful.

Kristen Kadel, interim County Health Nurse, requested a fifteen minute executive session with the two commissioners to discuss non-elected personnel. When the regular meeting resumed it was announced that no decisions had been made.

Ed Debesis, County EMS Director, was on hand to present his monthly report to the commissioners. The ambulance service made fifty-three runs during the month of May. The average patient age was 61 years of age with and equal distribution of male and female patients. An ongoing area of concern is in the area of Medicare/Medicaid write off. It is almost impossible to predict with any certainty what they will pay for and what they will deny.

Debesis told the Commissioners that he and Richard English will be assisting in a Paramedic Field Ops activity in Hutchinson later this week. Because the program has expanded it will be conducted at the Fairgrounds this year. Mock drills and emergency calls will be conducted to allow training for real life situations. Debesis said he hoped to do some recruiting for possible new employees through the process.

Larry Emerson, Public Works Superintendent, told the Commissioners that John Cashatt told him that in regard to the grant applications, guard rail replacement did not have a high priority. It seemed wise to find a way to incorporate other road bed improvements with the guard rail replacement to make the grant more attractive. Cashatt also suggested that bigger grants tend to receive more attention than smaller grants. Once again it was suggested that Heather Hartman might possess important data regarding the economic impact of the project. It was also noted that the post and cable guard rail can be replaced with metal guardrail.

Emerson reported that he had only received two applicants for the position that was advertised. He will continue to advertise to see if more applicants can be attracted.

The lowboy trailer that was supposed to have been delivered for each of the past two weeks is supposed to be delivered this week.

Emerson requested a ten minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. When the regular meeting resumed it was announced that no decisions had been made.

An accident south of Asherville took place when a pickup truck ran off a bridge. There was not much damage to the bridge, according to Emerson, but he wasn’t sure about the pickup.

A resolution regarding unpaid warrants was adopted by a 2-0 vote. These are checks that have been written by the county but have not been cashed. The checks written by the county have a date on them by which they must be cashed. Those outstanding warrants would be checks that exceed that time period.

Commissioner Tom Claussen wanted to remind the general public of the sacrifices made by our servicemen on June 6, 1944. This past Friday was the seventieth anniversary of D-Day. Had they failed on their mission that day, history would certainly have been changed.

County Clerk Chris Treaster announced that the auditors would be here this week doing their yearly review. “This is always a busy time but it is a necessary activity to help keep us headed in the right direction,” announced Treaster.

At this point having dispensed with all the business for the county at this time, the meeting was adjourned.

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