Beloit City Council Meeting Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The June eighteenth meeting of the Beloit City Council was called to order promptly at seven p.m. Tuesday night by Mayor Tom Naasz. There were no comments by the council members or the City Attorney Katie Cheney.

Next on the agenda was the report of the City Administrator, Glenn Rodden.
Rodden addressed the issue of a fireworks ban within the Beloit City Limits. Before the recent rains, conditions were very conducive to fires being started by fireworks. Rodden added, "But...it rained." It was his belief after checking with appropriate people that a ban on fireworks would NOT be necessary. He encouraged families to move forward with their plans for fireworks and to enjoy the celebration.
The recent storms and high winds have done damage to the electrical system and there have been power outages. Rodden complimented the crews in their prompt response to these outages and the quick restoration of electrical service.
Rodden reported that there is an individual expressing interest in buying land at the North Campus.
Eight people have been interviewed to fill the position in the Power Plant. No decision has been made at this time.
Rodden explained to the Council that he had finally located the man with the portable rock crusher. The individual with whom they had been talking had left the employ of the company and that had created communication problems. In discussions with the current contact person Rodden was told that they could not get to Beloit to crush rock for another two months. Rodden said, "We have two options. Wait for the current company to get here or find another company who can do the work sooner."
Discussion continues about a larger gas line to the power plant which would allow all the engines to run on natural gas to generate electricity. Previously it was reported that the cost would be in the neighborhood of eight hundred thousand dollars. The last number quoted was five hundred thousand dollars.
Rodden concluded his report by telling the council that the auditors came and went in the month of May. No report has been received at this time. Assessed valuations have gone up again. The valuation numbers are an important factor in determining the City budget. He urged the councilors to decide how they want to proceed with budget construction.
No one was on hand to speak during the time allowed for Public Comment.
The Consent Agenda was accepted.
A brief discussion was held regarding Resolution two oh one four dash thirteen, Omnibus disclosure. Fallout over the Wall Street collapse several years ago prompted more reports and paperwork regarding public monies. This Omnibus Resolution addresses all the required reports and disclosures. The Resolution was unanimously passed.
The resignation of Mike Haeffele (Hayf-lee), Director of Transportation, was accepted. It was noted Haeffele had served the City of Beloit for sixteen years and had always been a commendable employee. Mike Clark was named as the interim Director until a new Director can be hired.
Jim Vince was approved to become the new Director of Water and Waste-Water.
Cost of Living raises were approved in the amount of one point nine percent.
Heather Hartman requested a fifteen minute closed session for the purpose of discussion of confidential data.
When the meeting resumed it was announced that no decisions had been made.
A motion was then made and seconded to authorize Hartman to pursue the Community Development Block Grant to develop a Housing Pilot Program in the City of Beloit. It was unanimously passed.
Hartman is also working on a United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Grant to allow funding for home renovation. She will keep the Council posted on these projects.
At this point having dealt with all matters on the agenda, the Council adjourned.


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