Beloit City Council Meeting

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

By Terry Bailey


After the regular meeting was called to order, time was given for comments by the Councilors. Bob Richard said , “I am not sure where we are with ordinances and which ones affect dogs, but I have had several people approach me and express concern about dogs running at large. Just what is the proper procedure for people to follow when they are having problems with dogs?”

City Attorney Katie Cheney said that some updating needs to be done and that she and Chris Jones will get together to finalize something for publication to educate the public on what steps to follow if they have a problem.

Cheney also said she has been working on codification of ordinances and other aspects of the Municipal Code. She will be sending her final product to the League of Municipalities for their review. She thought by August they would have some word on its status.

City Administrator Glenn Rodden introduced Mary Tyler, a representative from the NCK Technical College. Ms. Tyler announced that the College will be celebrating its fiftieth year of operation throughout the upcoming school year. They opened their doors in August of 1964 to about seventy students with six programs offered. Each month different aspects of the school and its history will be highlighted.


City Administrator Rodden announced the Heather Hartman had finalized the submission of a five hundred thousand dollar Pilot program for a Housing Grant. Word should be received within thirty days on the final status of the grant submission.

During time for public comment Darwin Bouray, who lives at Nine-Twenty-one North Poplar, told the Councilors that when it rains an inch or an inch and a half, flooding occurs and Pine and Poplar Streets are submerged under a significant level of water. He requested that someone from the City come up and assess the situation and look for ways to fix the situation. Charlene Abel shared her concern with the flooding issue. Bouray was told that someone will take a look and assess the situation.

The council discussed Ordinance Twenty-One Fifty-Two dealing with the refinance of revenue bonds used to finance the swimming pool. The major change is that the interest rate paid on the bonds will be lowered from Four point Six percent to a new rate of Three point Seven – Seven. The ordinance was passed.

An extended discussion ensued over the Downtown Rehabilitation Block Grant and bids for the replacement windows. Aluminum windows have a lifetime guarantee and tend to be more attractive. Aluminum clad and wooden windows are significantly cheaper but have and expected life of fifteen years. After discussing the merits of both styles, the voted to go with the Geisle (Guys-el) bid.


The air conditioning and heating units in the Sutter room have been failing and totally quit. The council approved a bid of Eleven thousand Eight hundred and Eighty-Seven dollars to replace the heating and air conditioning units.

Breakers are in need of replacement at the Power Plant. The current ones have a lot of age and wear and tear on them. The Council gave their approval on a bid from Mid West Energy for the amount of Thirty Seven thousand Eight hundred and Forty dollars for replacement breakers.

A ten-minute executive session was held to discuss non-elected personnel. The session included the council, city administrator, Chief of Police Dave Elam, and city attorney Katie Cheney. No action was taken as a result of the executive session.

The regular City Council meeting was then adjourned.

Ron Sporleader addressed the council during the work session. Presently when new construction takes place outside the city limits the builder pays all the expenses for the materials and labor necessary for hookups on the project. When new construction occurs within the city limits the city currently pays for all the materials and labor associated for hookups on the project. Sporleader suggested that the City continue to take care of the labor costs associated with new construction but that the builder assume responsibility for the materials involved.. “This would help us save some money there that we could spend on other projects. The Councilors indicated they were in agreement with the idea.

Administrator Rodden announced to the Council that the budget process is moving along. The Council indicated that they would like Department Heads to come to the Council meetings and explain what is in their budget request and talk specifically about their needs.


The business having been taken care of, the Council adjourned.


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