Mitchell County Commissioners

August 25, 2014

By Terry Bailey


The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their regular weekly meeting yesterday morning. The meeting was called to order promptly at eight thirty a.m. with all three commissioners in attendance. The minutes of the August eighteenth meeting were approved as submitted.


Commissioner Tom Claussen noted that the month of September has five Mondays. It has been customary for the Commissioners to waive a meeting on the fifth Monday of a month unless pressing business requires that they meet. A motion was made and seconded that the meeting on the fifth Monday of September be waived unless the needs of the County dictate that they meet. The motion passed. There will be NO meeting of the Mitchell County Commissioners on September twenty-ninth.

The Commissioners discussed the necessity of having monthly department head meetings. These meetings tend to take department heads away from their work and sometimes are nto well attended. The Commissioners decided to change the Department Head meetings from once a month to once a quarter with the right to call meetings should the need arise.

The Commissioners took time to review the four (4) applications received for the Emergency Management position that become open with Scott Davies resignation.

Larry Emerson, Public Works Superintendent, informed the Commissioners of changes in job duties of some of the men on his crews. With the retirement of Jerry Millholland as Road Foreman, effective September twenty-second, changes have occurred.

Dale Housh has accepted the vacant Road Foreman position and will start in that position on September twenty-second. He will receive a one dollar per hour raise with the new job title. Housh asked for a time period of one year to be allowed to return to his former job if he wants to do so. This accommodation will be allowed.

Darren Drake was promoted to the position of an Equipment Operator One which was the position held by Housh. Drake will receive a fifty cent per hour raise with the new position.

Emerson told the Commissioners that his crews were working on the washout on the road south of Asherville. They are currently removing brush and debris from the riverbank to provide a stable base for rip rap rocks to be layered along the bank to stop the erosion. Emerson has contracted Dunstan Trucking to haul the rip rap as a cost of six dollars per ton. He though somewhere between seventy-five and one hundred tons of rip rap will be needed to stabilize the river bank.

All the material has been hauled so that the Tipton blacktop overlay can begin any day. After that the sealing can begin.

Emerson reported that there was not much interest in the truck driver position that has been advertised.

Ed Debesis, EMS Director, met with the Commissioners to report that he had hired a new person and he will start September first.

Eric Hammel has been released by the doctor to return to work full time. With his return, the will only be short one staff member. Debesis said they had been down threes staff members for the last couple of weeks and everyone had to stretch to maintain adequate coverage.

Currently Debesis has one of his staff on maternity leave and it may be November before she returns.

Melinda Latham, County Appraiser, requested a fifteen minute executive session with the Commissioners to discuss Financial Matters and Trade Secrets of a Corporation. When the regular meeting resumed it was announced that no action had been taken.

Becky Shaeffer, Communications Director, told the Commissioners that the next generation nine-one-one software is being released and that it will need to be purchased. This will include GIS mapping updates and improved nine-none-one capabilities. The amount of the new software is approximately eight thousand dollars. Shaeffer said money for this update has been included in her yearly budget and she was requesting permission to spend the money. She is waiting for a solid quote figure so that she will know exactly what the final total amount will be.

Shaeffer requested a ten minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. The meeting included the three commissioners and the County Clerk, Chris Treaster. When the regular meeting resumed, it was announced that no action had been taken.

At that point, having disposed of all the business items before them, the meeting was adjourned.

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