Beloit City Council Meeting Tuesday Dec 20


Beloit City Council


Tuesday, December 20, 2016


By Terry Bailey



The Beloit City Council met on Tuesday, December 20th to oversee the affairs of the City. Councilors Raymond “Butch” Pontow and Lloyd Littrell were not present for the meeting. In attendance were Mayor Tom Naasz, City Administrator Jason Rabe, City Attorney Katie Schroeder, and City Clerk Amanda Lomax.


The first order of business was the approval of Resolution 2016-21 the lease of a line truck in the amount of $305,651. This was approved by a vote of 5-0.


A request for annexation by the Mitchell County Historical Society located at 191`5 North Independence was considered.


The Historical Society has experienced significant problems with their water pump. Rather than commit to highly expensive pump repairs, Historical Society believes it is more feasible to be annexed into the City of Beloit. The annexation was unanimously approved.


The State of Kansas recently modified their rules and regulations concerning the political signs. Ordinance 2199 was unanimously passed which will make the City of Beloit’s rules in alignment with the State’s rules.


Ordinance 2200, recommended by the Planning Commission, incorporates suggestions from Chris Jones to be added to the zoning regulations was unanimously accepted.


Cereal Malt Beverage Licenses were approved for the following businesses:


Arlyn Mead – Beloit Bowl


Pamela McCormack – Casey’s East Main


Pamela McCormack – Casey’s 806 North Independence


Joe Kindscher – Pump Mart


Michael Shamburg – Shamburg Oil


Mitchell County Fair Association


Arna Leon – El Puertos


Jeff Heiman – Bubba Qu’s


Mohammed Nobi – Mac’s Kwik Shop


Charles Lawrence – Shopko


The feel for a Cereal Malt Beverage license varies from $75 to $100 depending upon the category. The City of Beloit will receive approximately $1,000 from the licenses.


The Council appointed Karen Shumate to serve on the Tree Board.


The Council adjourned to conduct an Executive Session for five minutes to discuss non-elected personnel. No actions were taken as a result of the closed session.


The business session was adjourned and the work session was called to order.


City Administer Jason Rabe led the Council through a discussion of the many and varied efforts taken in an attempt to provide water to the citizens of Beloit that would pass inspection on a constant basis. He will continue to work with John Eilert for a solution to the problem.


Rabe discussed work done by Watts Heating and Plumbing for repair and renovation of the heating and cooling equipment at the North Campus.


The Gas Service crews are in town and beginning work on relocating the gas lines on East Main. There is some doubt about how much work can be done on the project before cold weather sits in for good.


Rabe presented the Councilors with information concerning patrol cars for the Police Department. Chief Elam has developed a rotation policy to insure a well maintains fleet of cruisers for the department on an affordable basis.


Next was a presentation by Rabe about a plan to restore the West Side Park to a useable condition. Efforts on the part of Connie Kopsa and Barb Axtell have stimulated interest in finding a way for the park to return to service. According to Kopsa, the first step must be a commitment from the City to support efforts of the Rotary Club and other organizations to renovate the Park. They believe the first step must be to fix up the bathrooms into useable condition. Secondly, security lighting and security cameras need to be installed to provide a safe area.


An ad hoc committee of community members is being formed to act as a steering committee for the project. Kopsa indicated the vision for the Park is a two to three year project from start to finish. The goal is for all work done at the park to be ADA compliant.



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