Love Your County Campaign 2017 for Osborne County

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Osborne County has an exciting opportunity this February through the "Love Your County" Campaign 2017. The Dane G. Hansen Foundation has agreed to match any gift in Osborne County ($5,000 cap per individual) up to $50,000 to go towards our local endowment fund. This means your gift will be doubled and can help improve our county. All gifts will be placed in an endowment fund so the Osborne County Community Foundation can begin now and continue to give grants for years to come. We would love to work with you to continue growing and improving this great county we call home.

What is a community foundation?
A community foundation is a vehicle for charitable giving capable of benefiting the entire community. Through the mechanism of endowment funds, charitably minded
individuals can establish funds to build a permanent source of charitable assets to meet emerging, as well as existing, needs of the community. By working together, we can achieve more.

We're working to build a brighter, more vibrant Osborne County. Join Us!

"LOVE YOUR COUNTY" Campaign 2017 Breakfasts

7am - 8am

Wednesday, Feb 1 - Osborne VFW Building, Osborne

Thursday, Feb 2 - St. Mary's Catholic Church, Downs

Saturday, Feb 4 - Natoma Community Center, Natoma

Monday, Feb 6 - Bull City Cafe, Alton

Tuesday, Feb 7 - Grace Brethren Church, Portis

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to donate, please feel free to contact the Osborne County Community Foundation by email at OsborneCCF@gmail.com

The Osborne County Community Foundation is a local, nonprofit, charitable affiliate of the Greater Salina Community Foundation.

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