Monday Jan 23 Mitchell County Commisioners Meeting


Mitchell County Commissioners


Monday, January 23, 2017


By Terry Bailey



The Mitchell Country Commissioners conducted their regular weekly meeting at the Courthouse on Monday, January 23rd. All Commissioners were present as well as the County Clerk.


Communications Director Becky Snook discussed replacing a printer/fax machine. The commissioners approved the purchase of a Hewlett-Packard laser-jet machine for $1029 plus a $150 installation fee.

Snook presented a quote from ATCI of Hays to perform mapping services for the county at a cost of $2,500 per year. This will include an app available for $6 per year which will include mapping for Mitchell County.

The commissioners gave permission for Snook to enter into an agreement for 911 mapping maintenance at an approximate cost of $2,500 per year to be paid by 911 tax funds.

Snook updated the commissioners on communication repeater issues. The cost is $600 to replace a faulty part in the EMS repeater. The commissioners said that bill should go to Mitchell County EMS.

Commissioner Tom Claussen announced he would be meeting with a Katrina Ringler this week. Ringler is the historical preservation granter of the Kansas Historical Society. Claussen and Ringler will discuss upgrades and aesthetic improvements to the exterior of the Courthouse.

Public Works Superintendent, Larry Emerson said his crews are working on the county roads which were very sloppy after the moisture last week. The crews began working on the roads first thing Monday morning. They will continue working on the roads as they dry out. Emerson said he has received a few calls on the condition of some township roads. He has trucks on their way to Kanapolis to obtain three loads of salt.

He said crews put asphalt along the shoulder of the causeway road. He asked if the commissioners would like to rock the shoulders as well. Emerson said he felt there were places with fairly significant drop-offs and could use the rock. The rock would cost $11 per ton. Emerson estimated between 15 and 20 load would be needed.

Emerson reported the driver of another vehicle struck his pickup causing about $2,200 in damages. K-CAMP will pay for the repairs. Emerson said he has an appointment at C&R Body Shop to have the work done this week.

Emerson said they have enough money to buy a new motor grader. They will designate one of the older machines to maintain roads in townships which have turned over their responsibilities to the county. Emerson said they would have to hire another employee to run the machine, at least on a part time basis. Carr Creek Township is expressing preliminary interest in having their responsibilities absorbed by the county.

The county is still waiting for final turnover of information and assets from Hayes Township. In the last general election they voted to turn over road maintenance to the county.


Emerson said his last day as Superintendent of Public Works will be March 31. He has worked for Mitchell County 38 years and has been director since 1995.

Carol Torkelson of the North Central Regional Planning Commission appeared before the commissioners to discuss an amendment to a contract for lead assessment, asbestos inspection and lead clearance between the NCRPC and Mitchell County. The change was for the paint inspection aspect.

Torkelson provided a listing of procurement procedures for the handicap accessibility project. There were eight projects accepted out of a potential of 17. The projects will be completed this week and the state will inspect the projects next week.

The Commissioners approved the Mitchell County procurement procedures, code of ethics and civil rights policy.

Weed Department Director Stan Deneke presented his annual report for the Commissioners signature. This report will be submitted to the Department of Agriculture. He said he has finished planting wildflowers throughout the county. Interest has been expressed by residents to have more wildflowers planted. They would be willing to pay for the planting of the additional wildflowers. Deneke has been planting 17 varieties in varying locations.

Deneke said the private funds will allow more planting. He will observe which plantings perform the best. Some varieties will require two years to flower after they are established. Some are annuals and some are perennials. Deneke will make a presentation on the project at the Tree City USA event in Beloit on March 22 and 23.

Deneke reported on December 12
th a 14 foot trailer was stolen. Police were notified, but no progress has been made. Deneke said the trailer could be replaced. The insurance would pay for the replacement but the County would be responsible for the $1,000 deductible.

A Neighborhood Revitalization Grant was approved for Dean Grauerholz for a 30’ x 40’ garage plus electrical work.



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