Beloit City Council Meeting Tuesday May 2nd


Beloit City Council


Tuesday, May 2, 2017


By Terry Bailey



The Beloit City Council met on Tuesday night, May 2nd to tend to the affairs of the City. All Councilors were present. Also in attendance was Jason Rabe, City Manager, Katie Schroeder, City Attorney, and Amanda Lomax, City Clerk.


In the time reserved for comments at the beginning of the meeting the Councilors were unanimous in extending praise for the Beloit High and St. John’s athletes for their fine finish in the very competitive Beloit Relays.


Katie Schroeder, City Attorney, told the Councilors that Municipal Court will be held next Monday. She also reminded all those in attendance that numerous City Codes will get attention with the warm weather. Codes such as the mowing of lawns, dogs running at large, and so forth will need to be complied with.


Jason Rabe, City Manager, reminded everyone that this week is the County wide cleanup with no charges at the landfill to dump trash.


Rabe also spoke about the meeting last week in Topeka with the KDHE and EPA officials regarding Beloit’s water.


Rabe also told the Councilors that when repairs were completed to the roof of the Municipal Building after the hailstorm a few years ago, mistakes were made and leaks have occurred since that time. When the vendor was in town to repair the roof at the law enforcement center, they were asked to examine the roof and suggest a course of action to fix it. They did examine the roof and are in the process of making an estimate for fixing the leaking roof.


Rabe then spoke on a less that pleasant turn of events at the airport. The situation is in regard to the recently completed repairs on the airport runway that would extend the concrete surface to enable heavier and more powerful aircraft to take and land. In the final review of the repair plans it was noted that the plans called for a 20-1 slope when, in fact, the slope should have been constructed with a 34-1 slope. This means that the runway work was not completed correctly. At this point nobody knows who is at fault with the wrong numbers. What is known is that the new work that was done to allow heavier aircraft to land was not done to the correct specifications to allow that to happen.


Terry Bailey, one of the Mitchell County representatives on the Pawnee Mental Health Board of Directors, appeared before the Council requesting the mayor sign a proclamation declaring the month of May as Mental Health Awareness month in Beloit. Bailey pointed out that unfortunately, there still exists a stigma regarding those who seek assistance for mental health issues. While people do not hesitate to seek medical care for a broken arm or a heart attack, that still feel self-conscious about consulting with a mental health professional.



The Proclamation said, in part:


Whereas mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being, and


Whereas mental health conditions are real and prevalent in our nation, and


Whereas stigma and fear of discrimination keep many who would benefit from mental health services from seeking help, and


Whereas prevention is an effective way to reduce the burden of mental health conditions, and


Whereas with early and effective treatment those individuals with mental health conditions can recover and lead full, productive lives.


Mayor Tom Naasz signed the Proclamation thus designating May as Mental Health Awareness month in Beloit.



The Council approved a special event license for Kettle for their second anniversary celebration. The event is scheduled for June 3rd and will have a band playing on Mill Street east of the business. One block of Mill Street will be closed for that event.


Ordinance 2009 was passed which allows golf carts to be driven on City streets. The entire text of the ordinance is contained on in the online city manual.


A bid for a new riding lawnmower for the Parks and Recreation Department from Carrico Implement was accepted. Carrico submitted the low bid of $11,900.


Andrew Grabon was reappointed to the 12th Juvenile Judicial District Board. He is currently on the Board but his term will end soon and needed to be reappointed.


At this point all the items on the agenda had been addressed and the business meeting was adjourned.


In the work session Rabe said that he and Eric Burks, NCK Tech President, had conferred about street work needed to be done at the Technical College. After discussing the request the Councilors approved for the City crews to do the work and the Tech College would provide the materials to chip seal the streets on the Tech College campus. They noted that the school brings a lot to the city of Beloit and that the city and the school often share men, material and equipment for many situations.


The final topic of discussion was the parking lots for the ball fields south of Beloit Jr. Sr High. Repairs in this area are complicated because of property lines. The school district owns some of the property. The City owns some of the property. The Fair Board owns some of the property. The final decision was for the City to undertake repairs of the parking lot that could be considered the southeast corner of the high school parking lot. The area is in dire need of repair.

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