Mitchell County Commissioners Meeting Monday June 12


Mitchell County Commissioners


June 12, 2017


By Terry Bailey



The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their weekly meeting at the Courthouse Monday morning, June 12th. All Commissioners were present as well as the County Clerk.


First on the agenda was Kelly Hawk, Director of the Emergency Medical Services. He gave his monthly EMS report to the Commissioners for the month of May. The EMS responded to 47 calls in the month of May. In 73 percent of the calls the ambulance was enroute within 5 minutes of receiving the call. Of the 47 calls, thirty nine were in Beloit, four runs to Glen Elder, and three to Cawker City. One run was out of the county to a response in Glasco. The time period receiving the most calls was from 12 noon to 1 pm. Monday was the busiest day of the week. Thirty one of the patients responded to were 60 years old or older.


Accompanying Hawk to the meeting was Lisa Kiser of the DeLisa Medical Billing Service. Kiser told the Commissioners that her company recently obtained new software that will allow more detailed statistics on the reports. In May her service billed a total of $34,891. After patient and insurance payment and adjustments the net impact to the accounts receivable was $6,450.


Hawk then discussed the condition of the ambulance fleet. All of the vehicles are presenting issues; some minor and others having very significant problems. The Mitchell County EMS is currently using a unit that is on loan from the Lincoln County EMS. The Commissioners said they would take this status report under advisement.


Next up was Superintendent of Public Works, Dale Housh. He reported that road crews were busy cleaning out culverts and ditches. Some are routine work but others present many challenges to get the work done correctly. Crews are also hard at work re-graveling the spots on the roads where water ran over the road and eroded the roadbed. Housh also said he had contact KDOT about the inspection of the Causeway Bridge. He said the cost would be around $12,000 for the inspection.


Housh said the crews were also hard at work filling potholes in the hard surfaced roads of the County. The wet weather tends to allow water to get under the pavement which creates soft spots which turn become potholes. Commissioner Jim Marshall comments that the work done in the Tipton area made a noticeable difference.


A decision was made to accept tires at the landfill to help expend the final $4,000 left in the Dane Hansen County cleanup grant. There is no charge for accepting the tires but folks are asked to call 738-3880 before bring the tires to the landfill. Additionally, those people bringing tires to the landfill should be prepared to unload the tires their self.


Having addressed all the items on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.

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