USD 273 Meeting Monday July 9th


Unified School District #272


Monday, July 9, 2018


By Terry Bailey



The USD #273 School Board conducted its meeting for the month of July on Monday evening, July 9 at the Board office on North Independence Avenue.


The election of officers for 2019 resulted in Jason Johnson being named as president of the board and Mike Rieman being named as vice president.



Board of Education Appointments were made as follows:


Clerk of the Board – Doris Gasper


Deputy Clerk of the Board – Mindy Hilt


District Treasurer – Tiffany Schroeder


Board Attorney – Jim Johnson of Fraiser/Johnson Law Firm


KASB Governmental Relations Network – Sharra Odle


In his Superintendent’s report Jeff Travis reported at this time I appears the 2018-19 health care insurance will see a 16.7% increase in premiums. Some tweaking and maneuvering is possible and rates may be lowered a little, but a significant increase can be expected.


The annual board tour will take place on Friday, August 10 at 5 PM. The tour will begin at the Elementary School.


Karen Niemczyk, Director of Beloit Special Education Coop, reported on the work taking place with the expanded Alternative Learning Center. They are currently moving everything from the old building to the new building. Niemczyk said, “I am very excited about the training in which I participated to enable us to create a Trauma Sensitive School and being able to utilize Trauma Informed Care procedures.”


Niemczyk listed the following techniques as critical parts of the new program:


Sustained aerobic exercise for 40 minutes a day


Guided meditation


Daily group and individual counseling


Delayed start time and shift schedules for long distance students


Individualized positive behavior support plans


Continued implementation of the Boys Town Model


Beloit Elementary Principal, Brady Dean, reported that some of the summer projects are completed, some are moving along fine, and one is yet to start. New carpet has been laid in two of the kindergarten rooms and a third one had just started. The new playground equipment is yet to arrive and to be installed. The vendors assured the work will be done by the time school starts. The custodians are thoroughly cleaning the building room by room. He said the new teachers will report on August 8 and the other teachers will begin on August 13. The student’s first day will be August 17.


The Board addressed a number of housekeeping items:


They voted to waive the GAAP accounting procedure.


Authorized Superintend Travis to dispose of surplus equipment


Adopted an 1116 hour school year.


Passed a resolution authorizing school Activity Funds.


Authorized an increase of 5 cents across the board


Set the graduation date as Saturday May 18, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.


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