Mitchell County Food Pantry - Joke of the Day Fundraiser!

Mitchell County Food Pantry Fundraiser

Have Your Say on Joke of the Day!
You decide what happens to Joke of the Day Jan. 1st-5th

1. John tells 2 Jokes of the Day
2. B.J. tells Joke of the Day
3. KVSV Listeners tell Joke of the Day

Voting Locations: 
S&S Drug and S&S Home Health, 
Gray Drug & Fountain, First National Bank, 
Central National Bank, Guaranty State Bank & Trust Company, Farmway Credit Union, Solomon Valley Bank, 
Dental Designs of Solomon Valley, 
Waconda Trader & KVSV Radio

Vote Now Through Dec. 28th

100% of the proceeds benefit the Mitchell
County Food Pantry. Vote often & vote
generously with your spare dollars & change.
This is one time where it’s perfectly acceptable
to stuff the ballot box, in fact, it’s encouraged!
Charity begins at home.