Mitchell County Commissioners Meeting Monday January 8


Mitchell County Commissioners


Monday, January 8, 2018


By Terry Bailey



The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their regular weekly meeting at the Courthouse Monday morning January 8th. All Commissioners were present. Also in attendance were County Clerk Chris Treaster, Beloit City Manager Jason Rabe, and Solomon Valley Economic Director Heather Hartman.


The Commissioners approved Resolution 21-18 allowing the transfer of $28,000 from the election fund to the election technology fund.


Two resolutions presented by the local DVAK (Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas) group were unanimously approved. One resolution declared January, 2018 as Stalking Awareness Month. Most stalking is committed by a person’s current or former intimate partner and not by strangers.


The second resolution declared the month of January, 2018 as Human Trafficking and Slavery Prevention Month. Rural areas of our country are prime target areas for such activity.


Heather Hartman said County Attorney Mark Noah had some grant possibilities. Hartman said she would help with local grants where she has some competence and familiarity but Noah was considering grants on a national level.


The Commissioners approved an interlocal agreement between the County, the City of Beloit, and USD #273 with the express purpose of renovating and maintaining the Little Red Schoolhouse located in the Roadside Park at the intersection of Highway 24 and Walnut Street. Jerry Boettcher and family have generously donated funds that are more than adequate to cover the cost of the renovation of the schoolhouse. The country, city, and school district will contribute to a fund of money to pay for future repair and maintenance. The Commissioners extended their sincere appreciation to the Boettcher family for the leadership and financial contributions to this project.


Cortney Murrow, County Health Nurse, requested a five minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. No actions were taken as a result of this closed session. Murrow is still evaluating both new and used cars for the best vehicle to add to the vehicles used by her staff. It appears as if the cleaning of the sidewalks around the Health Department Building after a snow seems to be resulting in the job not getting done in a prompt fashion. This results in dangerous footing for those coming in and out of the building.


Jesse Benedick was present to discuss long term landscaping possibilities with the Commissioners. Benedick’s committee is working on possible walking, jogging, and bike paths in and around the City of Beloit. Benedick said a national group, TAB, is working with students from K-State to design paths for several communities in our area. He said if his group and TAB could design a working relationship, most of the services from TAB would be free.


Benedick said one possible path route under consideration was along the north bank of the Solomon River going east from the bridge on Highway 14. This would pass through land owned by the County between the County Highway shop area and the river. Benedick was asking for permission to do testing of the soil in that area if this path route was chosen. The Commissioners were not opposed to this testing should it become necessary.


Chris Treaster, County Clerk, requested a 20 minute to discuss nonelected personnel. No actions were taken as a result of that closed session.