SAT JUNE 8TH KANSAS 8 MAN ALL STAR FB GAMES 930PG KVSV click a link below listen live

FM 105.5 - Kansas 8 Man All Star FB Games

AM 1190, Stereo 102.9 - Kansas 8 Man All Star FB Games


Hear all of the exciting play by play action from the 34th annual Kansas 8 Man All Star Football Games on KVSV Saturday June 8th....Pre Game Coverage for the Eight Man Two game at 930am kickoff at 10am....Pre Game Coverage for the 8 Man One Game at 1:00pm...kickoff at 1:30pm....John Swanson ...Dallas Cox...David Elliott...Don Melby and Jay Rowh will have the call on KVSV AM1190...Stereo 102.9 The TV Cable Channels 16.1....16.3...171 and 173 on Cunningham Cable.