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What we offer for the Advertiser
by KVSV Marketing Department

KVSV brings live local personality to radio in North Central Kansas & South Central Nebraska

THE MIX - KVSV AM 1190 targets Adults 25-54 years of age - 2500 wattsCoverage Area

KVSV AM 1190 is just the right blend of top Country and Adult Contemporary (A/C) hits, selected for their compatibility, to create a fresh, natural sound. With the recent success of crossover hits in Country and A/C, The Mix creates the perfect niche for listeners and advertisers, putting together soft pop hits of the past along with pop hits from Country.

This format appeals to listeners who love the singer-songwriter side of music. It features music from the 70's -- James Taylor and The Eagles; the 80's -- Kenny Rogers and Phil Collins; the 90's -- Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Celine Dion; and for today, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood and Michael Buble.

The KVSV AM 1190 format is day-parted in a way only locally-originated programming can be. Playing music to get you going in the morning, keep you going all day long and music to help you relax in the evening.

When it comes to great music from outstanding artists, KVSV AM 1190 makes the "The Mix" best!

EASY MIX - KVSV FM 105.5 targets  Adults 35-65 years of age - 80 mile coverage radius - 50,000 watts

KVSV FM 105.5, your Easy Mix station for North Central Kansas and South Central Nebraska, surrounds listeners with their favorite relaxing songs 24 hours a day. It's the Easy Mix format for the new millennium, blending today's soft hits with smooth jazz and pop instrumentals to create an environmental format that's like no other. This "Easy Mix" is the perfect in-office, in-store and at-home relaxing music format.

This highly researched music blend targets the affluent 35-65 year old audience: "The Money Demo". It features long time-spent-listening and a unique difference found in few other formats on the radio dial today, The Instrumental Advantage.

The KVSV FM 105.5 format is day-parted in a way only locally-originated programming can be. Playing music to get you going in the morning, keep you going all day long and music to help you relax in the evening.

When it comes to great choices for Adult music, KVSV FM 105.5 makes it "Easy"!

Why should you advertise?

1. To increase store or phone traffic.
2. Move more products or services.
3. Retain your existing customers.
4. Bring back old customers.
5. Replace customers you've lost.
6. Foster goodwill in your community.
7. Move excess inventory.
8. Employee moral.
9.   Maintain momentum.
10. Stay ahead of your competition.

Why should you advertise during economic downturns?

1. According to a Meldrum and Fawsmith study, cutting advertising during economic slowdowns results in both immediate and long term negative effects on sales and profits.
2. Firms that maintained their advertising during economic slowdowns enjoyed growth of 275% while firms that reduced advertising saw only 19% growth according to a McGraw Hill study.

Why Use radio?

1.    Radio reaches consumers in all phases of the buying process.
Stage I
(Top Of Mind Awareness)
Stage II
Stage III
Stage IV
2.    Radio is TARGETABLE.
3.    Radio reaches consumers closest to the time of purchase.
4.    Radio is the frequency medium.
5.    Radio is cost effective.
6.    Radio is intrusive.
7.    Radio is everywhere.
8.    78% of consumers are reached by radio daily.
9.    95% of consumers are reached by radio weekly.
10.  84% of adults are reached by radio in their cars.

As an advertiser, KVSV Radio gives you the opportunity to reach the entire spectrum of Listeners in North Central Kansas and South Central Nebraska. And, we make your advertising purchase easy with our "one rate-two station" philosophy. When you purchase KVSV Radio you purchase the entire Listening Audience in North Central Kansas and South Central Nebraska.

This station does not discriminate in the sale of advertising time, and will accept no advertising which is placed with an intent to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity.   Advertiser hereby certifies that it is not buying broadcasting air time under this advertising sales contract for a discriminatory purpose, including but not limited to, decisions not to place advertising on particular stations on the basis of race, national origin, or ancestry.

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