Mitchell County Commissioners – Monday, April 11, 2022

By Terry Bailey

The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their weekly meeting at the Courthouse Monday morning, April 11th. Commissioners Tom Claussen and Mike Cooper and the County Clerk Chris Treaster were present. Commissioner Jim Marshall was absent.
The Commissioners wanted to remind the public that with the extremely dry weather and the high winds a ban on burning was in effect for all of Mitchell County.
Emergency Management David Dohe was present to ask the Commissioners to approve Resolution Number 2022-1 addressing the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Resolution. In September of 2020 declared public health emergency and adopted measures to deal with the emergency. Resolution 2022-1, passed by the Commissioner on April 11, 2022, rescinded those emergency measures.
Emily Benedick was present to inform the Commissioners regarding expansion and renovation plans for the Beloit Senior Center. Currently, meals are prepared in Glen Elder and delivered to the Beloit Senior Citizens center. Due to the increase in participation in the meal program, the Glen Elder staff is becoming overwhelmed with the demand. Benedick said there are plans to update and expand the kitchen facilities at the Beloit site so that meals can be prepared and served there. She estimates that approximately seventy-five people participate in the program in Beloit. Benedick requested that ARPA funds be expended as well as other grant funds to complete the project. The Commissioners were in favor of such action.
The Commissioners announced possible action by the Kansas legislature to approve 100 million dollars each year for the next five years to be allocated to the counties for road improvement. Also, 45 million dollars might be available for bridge improvement and replacement for the next five years. More details will be available at a later date.
Yvonne Melton, Mitchell County Treasurer, appeared before the Commissioners to discuss the remodeling project for her office. Due to the nature of the project, all staff and equipment will need to be vacated from the area while the work is being done. The question was, "To where will the office be moved while the work is being completed?" Brian Streit, Courthouse Maintenance Supervisor, said the work would take from two to three weeks to complete. Everyone agreed that ordering and receiving the new equipment for the office could be an unknown, with the supply of equipment somewhat cloudy these days.
The decision was made to move the Treasurer's office across the hall to the County Commissioners meeting room during the remodeling project. The Commissioner will meet in another location, yet to be determined, during the time period.
Melton asked permission to close her office over the noon hour during the next several months while her staff prepares for and readjusts to the remodeling project. Melton will notify the public regarding the hours her office will be closed with an announcement in the Beloit Call.
Having addressed all the items on the published agenda, the meeting was adjourned.


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