BELOIT CITY COUNCIL – Wednesday, April 20, 2022

By Terry Bailey

The Beloit City Council conducted their bi-weekly meeting at City Hall Wednesday evening, April 20th. All Councilors with the exception of Lee McMillan were present. Also attending were Mayor Tom Naasz, City Manager Jason Rabe, City Attorney Katie Schroeder, and City Clerk Amanda Lomax.
City Manager Jason Rabe gave the Council an update on several of the City's ongoing projects. He said the documentation on the Water Treatment Plant and Pipeline continue to work their way through the bureaucracy because that is how things work at that level. He told the Councilors, "We need to show patience and expect slow but steady progress with system." He also cautioned that with the original price of the project being around fourteen million dollars two or three years ago, the price may be higher when the final word is given to proceed with the construction.
Rabe said the Sports Complex project is pretty much done.
He said work on the Solar Farm is progressing well. Much of the sub-structure will soon be in place and the solar panels will be installed. He said the energize date for Beloit's solar energy production is June 1st.
The bids for the current stage of the Safe Routes to Schools sidewalk project will be let this week.
Work is coming together as expected for the Circle Drive bridge preplacement project. He expects the pre-cast concrete bridges to be delivered during the first week of May.
A big water main break was experienced on the east side of Circle drive. Rabe said it was a "nasty" break in very old steel pipe about nine feet below the surface of the ground. He said the crews are working well under quite unfriendly conditions.
Lifeguards are still need for summer work at the Chautauqua pool. Rabe said the pay is ten dollars per hour and management is willing to work around other commitments that possible employees may already have.
The Council approved Ordinance 2309, a special event license for Plum Creek for an activity on Saturday May 28th from 7 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
The Council approved a second Ordinance 2310 for a special event license for Plum Creek on Saturday, May 25th, from 7 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
The Kettle has applied for a special event license for their grand opening at their new location at the corner of Mill and Main from 3 p.m. to 12 midnight on June 4th. The request was approved via Ordinance 2311.
Pursuant to municipal code, Mayor Tom Naasz made the following appointments:
City Attorney - Katie Pruitt
Municipal Judge - Scott Wright
Official City Newspaper - Beloit Call
City Engineer - Stuart Porter
Planning Commission - Kathy Roberts, Erick Clark, Melody Huff, and Edith Hulett
Cemetery Endowment Board - Aaron Lampert, Phil Roberts, and John Bell.
The Council approved the reauthorization of the Sidewalk and Demolition program. Ten thousand dollars has been allocated for sidewalk replacement. Fifteen thousand dollars was set aside to help with demolition projects.
Updated and revised lease agreements were approved for leases at Moritz Memorial Airport.
An Interlocal Agreement with the NCK Tech College was approved. This will allow City crews to help with projects on the College campus. Under this agreement the Tech college would pay for materials and the City would furnish equipment and manpower for a limited number of improvement projects.
The business meeting was adjourned, and the work session was called to order.
The bulk of the discussion during the work session revolved around the Kyle Railroad's request for the City of Beloit to vacate that portion of Poplar Street between Clinton and Elliot Streets. The railroad informed the City that they do not intend to maintain the railroad crossing on Poplar Street.
Two courses of action are possible in response to the railroad's request. One is for the Council to independently vacate the street as requested by the railroad. The other action is for the railroad to formally request a closing of the street which would call for a public hearing regarding the issue. No definite decisions were made at this time.


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