Plans for the Future

By Terry Bailey
The Solomon Valley Economic Group (SVED) conducted their monthly meeting in the conference room at the Regional Planning Commission headquarters. Sixteen members were in attendance.
President Curt Frazier called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m.
Treasurer Robert Davis provided the monthly organization financial statement. Davis said, "I have moved some funds into liquid assets. We have committed to supporting a number of very worthwhile programs and that support costs money." Total funds of the organization equal $120,178.98.
Economic Development Director Emily Benedick provided updates on the programs she is overseeing. She explained she had mailed information to the people who live adjacent to the three empty lots owned by SVED on the eastern side of Beloit informing them the lots were for sale. The larger lot is listed at $10,000 and the two smaller lots are listed at $7,500 each. She has not received any indications of interest from the neighbors. Jim Gates suggested she contact the neighboring landowners by phone as a way of following up.
Benedick discussed the NCRPC Relocation Program. This is available to anyone relocating within Mitchell County. NCRPC will provide $12,500 for a down payment on housing for the relocating people. It is hoped this "seed money" will encourage people to relocate to Mitchell County or encourage people who have moved away to return home.
Benedick updated the attendees on the status of the Duckwall/Sperry Building. This building has set empty since the Sperry Furniture business relocated a number of years ago. SVED decided to invest funds to renovate and update the building rather than allow it to set vacant and become an eyesore and a safety hazard in the middle of the downtown area. At this point, $54,925 have been expended in this renovation project.
Benedick said Heineken Electric has offered the use of their big crane to help remove the two exceptionally large air conditioning units from the roof of the building. Bill Brummer said he would dispose of these units and reimburse SVED for fifty percent of the scrap metal money he receives for their salvage.
Benedick said they would like to remove the old awning and the Speery Furniture signage. Additionally, they would like to replace the windows on the second floor overlooking Mill Street. One of the large windows of the store front has been broken and will need to be replaced with tempered glass. She asked for authorization to spend $15,500 for this needed renovation. A motion was made and passed authorization of the needed money.
Benedick said the plan is to name the refurbished Sperry Building Solomon Valley Office Suites. They anticipate creating rooms of 8'x10' and 14'x16'. Prices will range from $250 per month to $500 per month. Benedick has visited similar completed operations in Courtland, Hays, and Plainville. Benedick hopes that the Beloit facility will consist of at least six rooms.
Nobi plans to reopen his food service operation in the old Farmway gas station in downtown on Hersey.
Plans are being made for an "after hours" tour of vacant buildings in Beloit. The purpose of the tour is to showcase these buildings to possible tenants and increase the rental possibilities.
Benedick plans to host an open lunch program in October to discuss the status of childcares vendors in Mitchell County.
The Murals in Mitchell County Project is getting much notice within and outside of Mitchell County. Work on the mural on the west side of the Waconda Trader will begin soon.
A Tourism update was provided by Lucille Heller via a Zoom connection. A group of writers for tourism magazines visited last week. They are vesting North Carolina, Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. For their Kansas visit, they chose North Central Kansas.
September 3rd will be the day to recognize and celebrate the 150th anniversary of Tipton. Plans will be announced soon for the festivities. Tipton will also conduct the Cruise the Blues bicycle extravaganza on August 27th.
Julia Rabe told the group that plans are continued being developed for the downtown "Pocket Park." The land had been purchased which makes the Park one step closer to reality.
Travis Latton is moving forward with his plans to conduct Drag Races at the Moritz Airport at the same time as the Millapalooza. This could broaden the audience attending the Big Affair downtown on Mill Street.
The September Golf Classic will be held at the Beloit County Club on September 11th. The first Tee Time is at 9:00 a.m.


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