BELOIT CITY COUNCIL – Wednesday, October 19, 2022

By Terry Bailey

The Beloit City Council met at City Hall Wednesday evening to conduct the business of the City. All Councilors were present except for Lee McMillian. Also in attendance were City Manager Jason Rabe, Mayor Tom Naasz, City Attorney Katie Schroeder, and City Clerk Amanda Lomax.
City Attorney Schroeder reported she was working closely with the City Law Enforcement officials to discuss dissemination of information regarding motorized scooters, bicycles and other new forms of conveyances being used by young people these days. She hopes that presentations could be made in the schools before good weather breaks out next spring.
Schroeder also said business in the Municipal Court has been quite brisk lately. Thirty-nine people appeared in City Court this past Monday.
City Administrator Rabe said that many of the nitty-gritty details of the Water Treatment project should he worked out by the first of the year. Students from the St. John's school toured the solar farm and asked numerous pertinent questions.
Plans have been sent out for the proposed work on the North Walnut Street project. Bids are due back by November 9th.
Community Development director Emily Benedick said the dorm rooms on the old Youth Center Campus and the Color Corporation building will be inspected to determine their viability as possible apartment renovations.
Benedick said about 40 people participated in the tour of empty buildings downtown. Additionally, she received six or seven phone calls about the buildings.
The Council approved Ordinance 2325 for a fundraiser at the Municipal Building on November 19th by the Beloit Booster Club.
The Council approved a raise in support money for the Solomon Valley Transportation. The Council approved a raise from 3/8 of a mil to ½ of a mil for the program.
The Council approved the City Manager's contract.
The concept of a pilot's lounge/terminal at Moritz Airport was discussed. Currently pilots who have a layover at our airport have very limited accommodations while they are here. Rabe said an acceptable lounge/layover area would allow their stay to be more comfortable and create a positive view of Beloit. Several possible ideas were considered and discussed. This will be an ongoing topic of discussion.
The Council recessed into a fifteen-minute executive session to discuss acquisition of real property.
When they returned to the business session a motion was made to purchase a tract of land located at 113 East Second. The purchase price of up to $85,000 was approved.
The business session was adjourned, and the work session was called to order.
The Beloit Elementary Site Council has met and requested the City to take action to reduce traffic congestion along 13th Street north of the high school. The Councilors discussed several possible courses of action to address this situation. No action was taken at this time.


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