BELOIT CITY COUNCIL – Wednesday, November 2, 2022

By Terry Bailey

The Beloit City Council conducted their bi-weekly meeting at City Hall Wednesday evening to attend to the affairs of the City. All Councilors were present with the exception of Lee McMillan who was absent. Also attending were Mayor Tom Naasz, City Manager Jason Rabe, City Attorney Katie Schroeder, and City Clerk Amanda Lomax.
Considerable discussion centered around the purchase of a new police vehicle. Beloit police officer Andrew Mai, at the request of Police Chief Elam, has spent time attempting to locate possible vehicles on the market, when they might be available and at what cost. Between new and used and local and distant vendors there were several possibilities. One additional factor confusing the issue is the delivery time of vehicles that meet the needs of the Beloit Police Department. Some are ready right away and the delivery time of others is nine months. Used vehicles can be purchased more cheaply but they are used. Vehicles on the market from distant locations are cheaper but the Councilors wanted to purchase the vehicle locally to support people who pay taxes locally, hire local folks at their place of business, with their children attending our local schools.
At the conclusion of the discussion of the issue, it was decided to formulate a bid sheet for the type of vehicle needed for the Police Department and to put the vehicle out for bids. The Council will act depending upon the activity created by the bid sheet.
Economic Development Director Emily Benedick reported that the committee working on Wayfaring signs is making progress. She said, "The committee members have many differing points of view but people are working hard to come to a consensus so we can come to a final decision." She said the guests will be here next week to evaluate the Color Corp building and the dormitories at the old Youth Center.
Benedick reported what she has just received a troubling bit of news. She said she has just learned that there are several homeless people in Beloit. She estimated the number to be in the neighborhood of ten homeless people in our town.
The Council approved Ordinance 2326:
Section 1. It is the desire of the City Council of the City of Beloit, Kansas, to designate a no parking zone on the south side of 13th Street from the intersection of Bell Street to intersection of Lincoln Avenue to reduce traffic congestion and increase safety.
Section 2. The following no parking zone shall be designated and shall be enforced as designated.
The south side of 13th Street commencing at the intersection of Bell Street and 13th Street westerly to the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and 13th Street is hereby designated as a no parking zone and no person shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle in said parking zone.

The Council unanimously accepted the Ordinance.
A public hearing will be conducted at the November 16th Council meeting to discuss the Water Fund Budget Amendment. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.
Rabe reviewed the Community Improvement Plan with the Councilors. He highlighted items recently completed and those on which the City is working. He encouraged the Councilors to review the entire document and choose projects they have a desire to move forward.


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