By Terry Bailey

Eighteen members of the Solomon Valley Economic group conducted the business of the organization at the NCK Regional Planning Commission meeting room over the noon hour on Thursday, November 17th.
The first business item was to conduct the yearly meeting of the organization. President Curt Frazier called the meeting to order promptly at 12:30 p.m.
Robert Davis gave the association's yearly treasurers report. The yearly income for the group totaled $6,105. The group's expenses for the year was $35,054 resulting in a loss of $28,948.36. The largest investment/expense was the purchase and rehabilitation of the old Duckwall Building. Rather than allowing the building to continue to deteriorate and become a downtown eyesore, the organization purchased the building and began rehabbing the building with the goal of selling it. The cost of buying and renovating the property has totaled to this point $25,944.04. The finances of the organization continue to be solid with total assets of $125,509.29.
With the yearly business concluded, the meeting was adjourned, and the regular monthly meeting was called to order.
The election of officers resulted in Curt Frazier selected as president, Mike Thompson as vice-president, and Robert Davis as treasurer.
Emily Benedick led the discussion of Face Improvements for buildings of non-profit organizations. The reasoning was to improve the appearance and signage of non-profit organizations. After due deliberation the group voted to allow non-secured loans to non-profit organizations to improve the exterior of their businesses.
Benedick discussed various work force recruitment activities. A job fair is being held at Fort Riley to assist soon-to-be retired military personnel a chance to review possible opportunities in the area. This would be a good opportunity to showcase employment possibilities in the Solomon Valley.
Benedick reported on the visit by the COLVN architects as they examined the old dormitory at the Youth Center campus and the Color Corp building. The architects found the rooms at the Youth Center too small and the cost of renovating the building would be cost prohibitive. On the other hand, the experts found the Color Corp building held great possibilities. They estimated that thirty, one or two bedroom apartments could be developed. They will review the data and provide a report about renovation possibilities.
Benedick has established regular business hours. She will be in the office from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. She will travel to Cawker City and be available on November 20, Tipton on December 14, and Glen Elder on January 11.
Julia Rabe reminded everyone that November is Match Month. Her goal is $50,000. For every dollar raised locally it will be matched 200% by the Hansen Foundation. At this point they have raised $45,574. It looks as if they can meet and exceed their established goal.
Everyone was reminded that this week is the NCK Tech Founders Week.


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