By Terry Bailey

The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their weekly meeting at the Courthouse, Monday morning, November 21, 2022. All Commissioners and the County Clerk were present.
Marty Hernandez, Superintendent of Public Works, told the Commissioners that the deal he worked out for the purchase of a new half ton pickup for the road crew fell through. The bottom line was that the dealer could not offer the $9,100 discount as initially planned. He said he would hang onto the money and wait a while. He reported that a State used equipment auction might have a truck that would serve his needs.
Hernandez asked, "Are the employees going to get a raise this year? Some people have been asking."
Commission President Mike Cooper replied, "Yes, we are planning a raise if everything works out. We hoped to have that worked out by the end of November but that isn't going to happen. We will try to get it all worked out and let you know by the end of December."
Hernandez said that the builders have almost got the side walls erected at the new County Shop building. When the walls are completed, the crews can get to work putting the roof on the building. The building is 100' x 150' with 20' lean-to on the south side.
"We will take over the road maintenance and such work in Eureka Township starting January 1, 2023.
Cortney Murrow, County Health Official, was present to report on the Chamber Bucks as County Christmas presents for the employees and the awarding of years of service certificates.
Murrow had checked with H&R regarding the Chamber Bucks. H&R Block charges 2% of the total for all the costs related to the Chamber Bucks. This would cost approximately $300 for this year's Chamber Bucks. She asked if part-time employees should receive the full $150 like the full-time employees. It was decided that part-time employees should receive one-half the amount of the full-time employees, or $75.
Another question surfaced regarding Years of Service Certificates. When a person begins working for the County and works continuously until their retirement, it is easy to figure their years of continuous service. However, some people begin working for Mitchell County, then leave for employments somewhere else. Some of those people stay gone. Others, after working elsewhere for a period of time, return to employment with the County. Murrow asked how the years of service should be calculated.
After discussing the question thoroughly, it was decided that years of service should be calculated on CONTINUOUS time of service. Cooper asked, "If people work, then leave, then return, who determines what length is the cutoff line? It seems best that is a person chooses to leave, they are no longer a County employee. They have either been with us full time, or not." The Commissioners decided that Years of Service would be awarded for continuous years of employment.
Jesse Benedick, architect from Schwab Eaton, stopped by to review the proposed building plans for the parking lot construction at the Health Department.
A Neighborhood Revitalization Grant was approved for Tim and Laura Watts for a $330,000 house including electrical, plumbing and air conditioning.
Having addressed all the items on the printed agenda, the meeting was adjourned.


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