By Terry Bailey

The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their weekly meeting at the Courthouse on Monday morning, February 13th. Commissioners Jim Marshall and Tom Claussen were present for the meeting. Commissioner Mike Cooper was absent from the meeting. Rumor has it he was out west somewhere between Reno, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona.
Commission Chairperson Jim Marshall announced an upcoming meeting of public interest. State Representative Susan Concannon and State Senator Elaine Bowers will hold an open hearing at the Zion Lutheran Church community room on February 25th at 9:00 a.m. All interested citizens are invited to come and listen or to ask questions.
The only person on the published agenda was the Superintendent of Public Works, Marty Hernandez. Hernandez asked, "How did the Road and Bridge department come to be responsible for expenses for the recycling building at the Fairgrounds? We could use the money we spend on that for other important needs for the department."
Commissioner Tom Claussen offered an answer, "The recycling center accepts a very large amount of cardboard and news print that would otherwise end up in the landfill. This greatly reduces the volume of material in the landfill that, by recycling, goes somewhere else and is put to good use."
When asked about the arrival date of the new motor grader ordered several months ago, Hernandez responded, "They are having trouble getting a shoulder machine to attach to the grader. We hope the motor grader can be delivered this week."
Jason Vetter, County Weed Supervisor, stopped by for an unscheduled visit. Vetter shared his concern with the number of 911 signs that become unattached from their posts. He said storm damage causes some of the loss. The constant high winds of North Central Kansas result in signs becoming untethered from their poles. Vetter also reported that the larger and larger farm machinery are responsible for tearing signs from their posts. Vetter said, "It seems like vandalism is the biggest reason for lost signs."
Vetter provided documentation of expenses for 911 signs. The total expense for a 911 sign is $206 each. He recently has had to order sixty replacement signs. He asked that if someone runs across a lost sign for them to bring it by the Weed Department.
Vetter reported on a new invasive weed in Mitchell County. Fragmitis is becoming more widespread, particularly in ditches and waterways. It can be killed but great caution with the spray must us observed.
Vetter gave the Commissioners information concerning a spray boom that could be installed on the front bumper of his truck which would enable the spraying of noxious weed along guardrails of the County roads. This would make the application of spray more effective and less hazardous to the county personnel doing the spraying.
The Commissioners approved the appointment of David Porter to the County Planning Commission to serve as the organization's treasurer.
Having addressed all the items on the meeting agenda, the meeting was adjourned.


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