BELOIT CITY COUNCIL – Wednesday, May 17, 2023

By Terry Bailey

The Beloit City Council conducted its biweekly meeting at City Hall Wednesday evening, May 17, 2023. All Councilors were present except for Lee McMillian. Also in attendance were City Manager Jason Rabe, City Attorney Katie Schroeder and City Clerk Amanda Lomax.
The Council extended a vote of confidence to Lomax for her years of positive service as the Beloit City Clerk as they named her Interim City Manager during the search for Jason Rabe's replacement.
Marla Flentje, representing the firm contracted to find candidates for Rabe's replacement, conducted a zoom presentation with the Council as they reviewed the final draft of a profile for the next city manager. With minor suggestions, the Council voted to approve the final draft for the Beloit City Manager's job profile.
Included in this discussion was the salary and compensation package. The Councilors expressed and understanding that a certain minimum package would be necessary to attract a suitable number of applicants for the job. One hundred five thousand dollars per year was suggested. After considerable discussion, the Council agreed on a starting yearly salary of $110,000 with a liberal benefit package would be necessary to entice candidates for the position.
Flentje remained confident that the new city manager could be on the job by September 5th.
Rabe reported that most of the 38 property owners on the route of the pipeline from the lake to the water plant are on board with signed easements. He believes by September 1st all property owners will have signed easements.
The work on the Safe Routes to School project along Eighth Street is making good progress. The complexity of the Eighth Street site has slowed the work somewhat because of all the details of the work.
Economic Development Director Emily Benedict reported the fundraising efforts for the Willow Springs pocket park has been very successful. The sales of personalized bricks and pavers has raised almost enough money to begins making plans for the supporting walls along the edges of the park.
The signage project has completed their preliminary work and hopes to begin erecting entry point signs by the end of September.
The Council approved the Farm Ground lease and extended it for another three years. The renter, J.J. Farm, had continued doing a good job of taking care of the land.
The Council considered the purchase of a new mini excavator. A while back the Council had sold the large excavator they were using with hopes of buying a smaller machine that would be more suitable for the work at hand. Bids have been received from John Deere, Bobcat and Caterpillar. The Council voted to approve the purchase of the John Deere model 50G machine. A delivery date of three to six months can be expected.
The Council voted to approve the resignation of Chief of Police Dave Elam. The Council extended their appreciation to Elam for his years of service.
The Council approved the hiring of Chad Lackey for the position of Chief of Police.
The Council accepted the Rules of Use and Maintenance for the Solomon River Park Area.
The property purchase of a small parcel of land on the South Mill Street that leads to the walking bridge over the Solomon River was approved. This is part of the area necessary to improve the entry way to Chautauqua Park.
A CCLIP Grant application for improvement of Highway 14 in the area of Thompson Tire and the Family Dollar store was approved. Considerable traffic congestion has been noted at this site at times.


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