By Terry Bailey

The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their weekly meeting at the Courthouse Monday morning, May 22nd. All Commissioners were present at the meeting.
Notes from May 15th meeting:
Emergency Management Director David Dohe was present to discuss the floodplain resolution. Dohe attended the Mitchell County Zoning Meeting to discuss the new floodplain maps. One question that the zoning commission had was if a notice would be sent to homeowners that are not in compliance with the resolution. He has reached out to his contact at the Kansas Department of Agriculture to get clarifications on items that the commissioners would like to strike. The resolution needs to be printed in the paper 60 days prior to the maps taking effect.
Tom Claussen said to make sure the fire departments have a copy of the new maps because they will be responding. When a resident gets a new address from communications, they will be directed to get a certificate from emergency management as to whether the property is in the floodplain.
Dohe will return next Monday at 8:30 a.m. with more updates. The federal government pays for this program, but individual contractors draw up the maps.

First on the agenda for the May 22nd meeting was David Dohe. He requested a ten-minute executive session to discuss security measures of a corporation. This closed session was extended by five minutes two separate times. At the end of this twenty-minute closed session it was announced that no decisions had been made.
Next up was Missy McGinnis, assistant director of the Emergency Medical Services. McGinnis requested a fifteen-minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. At the end of the closed session, it was announced that no decisions had been made as a result of the closed session.
Matt Lichtenwalter was on hand and presented his resume to the Commissioners and asked to be considered for the job of Director of the EMS. He was told at this time they were not looking for a director of the EMS.
Cortney Murrow, Mitchell County Health Official, appeared to inform the Commissioners that some big-ticket purchases will be showing up on her list of expenditures. She said she still has about $90,000 of grant funds from which she will be making purchases.
Marty Hernandez, Superintendent of Public Works, was present to inform the Commissioners that his crews were beginning to clean the floor of the new shop building to prepare it for the sealer coat to be applied. The cost of the sealer coat is $23,000 instead of $32,000 as previously reported.
A Neighborhood Revitalization Grant in the amount of $135,000 was approved for Gannon Grauerholz for a 40' x 60' x 18' Wick Building.
An $80,000 Neighborhood Revitalization Grant for a 40' x 50' garage was approved for Tim and Jetta Jankowski.
A Cereal Malt Beverage license was approved for the Glen Elder Marina for off premises consumption.
EMS Director Eric Hamel requested a fifteen-minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. After fifteen minutes another ten-minute extension was requested. At the end of the 25-minute executive session it was announced that no decisions were made as a result of the closed sessions.
The Commissioners then announced that with regret that would accept the resignation of Eric Hamel as Director of the Mitchell County Emergency Medical Systems.
After accepting the resignation of EMS Director Eric Hamel, the commissioners went into executive sessions to discuss their options. They then called Missy McGinnis back for a 15-minute executive session for non-elected personnel. Once back in open session the commissioners offered Missy McGinnis the position of EMS Director. She accepted their offer effective immediately.
Having addressed all the items on the published agenda, the meeting was adjourned.


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