BELOIT CITY COUNCIL – Wednesday, August 2, 2023

By Terry Bailey

There were two items on the agenda at the Beloit City Council meeting that were of great interest Wednesday night. One created considerable discussion and the other none at all.
Teri, Tyler, and Eric Dunstan appeared to speak in the time allowed for public comment. They questioned the bidding process in the lime sludge removal contract recently awarded to Pumphrey Contracting of Mankato.
Each of the Dunstan's spoke and were allowed three minutes as per City code. The process of sludge removal began in November of 2022. Over this time the City Council considered what was to be done, how it was to be done, and who would do it. The last time sludge was removed from the basins was 1973 therefore this was a new undertaking to everyone.
When they spoke, each of the Dunstan's questions what happened to the open bidding process.
Dunstan pointed out they employ 18 workers in Beloit. He also said he is a lifelong resident of Beloit, and his family and employees live in Beloit, shop in Beloit, and pay taxes in Beloit. He did not understand how Dunstan Trucking was omitted from the bidding process.
The second major topic required one 30-minute closed executive session, followed by another 30-minute closed executive session, followed by a 10-minute executive session.
At the end of 70 minutes of closed discussion the Council voted to end the current search for a new City Administrator and to reopen the process on September 15th.
The Council approved a contract with Schwab Eaton for $26,000 for Section I, A&B, and $18,000 Section C&D for the Raw Water Line.
A representative from the Rural ReDevelopment Group of Desoto, Kansas, has visited Beloit and examined the properties at the North Campus known as the Administrative Building and Shadyside Cottage. He believes the properties are appropriate for development as 43 apartments for workforce housing.
The Council approved the sale of the properties for the sum of one dollar. The sale in contingent upon the City and the Redevelopment Co. achieving appropriate financing.
The Council approved signing a letter of intent with the Redevelopment group to proceed to the next step in the process.
A contract for architectural services was approved for AGORA Architecture in the amount of $10,764. This is for architectural design work for the main and lower-level restrooms, enlarging the main level hallway and to expand the Council Chambers in the Municipal Building.


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