By Terry Bailey

The agenda for the County Commissioners was brief and to the point and so was the meeting. With only two items on the slate of business for their weekly meeting, the Commissioners dispatched with their work in short fashion.
David Dohe, Emergency Management Director, said that with Eric Hamel's resignation, there was a vacancy on the Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC). He suggested Missy McGinnis as a candidate to fill that position. The Commissioners agreed that naming McGinnis to the LEPC made sense and took action to do so.
Dohe said the Fire Chiefs met recently and the main topic of discussion was the "800" model radio.
The underwater dive team will meet at Waconda Lake to practice their skills. Dohe said the visibility underwater at the lake is usually quite limited. They have sand-filled dummy to use as a model to rescue. There are about 13 members on the dive team.
A Neighborhood Revitalizaion Grant for Jonathan Adams for a house remodel in the amount of $76,000 was approved.
Kristin Kadel, appearing for Cortney Murrow, had a work-force grant application for the Commissioners to sign off on which they did.
Having addressed all the items on the printed agenda the meeting was adjourned.


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