MITCHELL COUNTY COMMISSIONERS – Monday, September 18, 2023

By Terry Bailey

The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their weekly business meeting at the Courthouse Monday morning, September 18. All Commissioners and the County Clerk were present. Also in attendance was Yvonne Melton, County Treasurer; Mark Noah, County Attorney; and Melinda Latham, County Appraiser.
Paul Torres, resident of Mitchell County, appeared to inquire about his name appearing on the delinquent tax rolls as published in the Beloit Call. He was not aware of the situation until notified by a friend who saw Torres' name in the delinquent tax listing. The property in question is in the village of Simpson.
Torres purchased the property in question from Eberle's who had purchased the property from "Gator" Hyman in 2017. Torres was issued proof of a clear title to the property.
When asked about the legal status of the property, Noah responded, "I am superficially aware of the problem, but I need time to research the finer details of the situation."
Commissioner Jim Marshall commented, "Somebody seemed to have dropped the ball when a clear title was issued to Mr. Torres. It was not a clear title with back taxes owned on the property."
Marshall assured Torres, saying "We will get you out of this."
Brian Streit, Courthouse Maintenance Supervisor, requested a fifteen-minute executive with the Commissioners for confidential discussion of real estate acquisition. No decisions were made as a result of this closed session.
A Neighborhood Revitalization Grant was approved to J.D. Real Estate representing Carrico Implement of Beloit to construct two buildings. One is 100'x165'and the second is 80'x69'. The cost of the building project is $2,370,569.
A call was made to Missy McGinnis, Director of the Emergency Medical Service, to participate in an executive session. No decisions were made as a result of that closed session.
Having addressed all items on the published agenda, the meeting was adjourned.


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