By Terry Bailey

The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their weekly business meeting at the Courthouse Monday morning, January 29, 2024.
Halley Roberson, the new Beloit City Manager, paid the Commissioners a "get acquainted" visit. The Commissioners and Roberson exchanged pleasantries shared their backgrounds to become more familiar with one another. Roberson is a native of Texas and has spent the last few years as the City Manager in Oberlin, Kansas. Terrance Silva, the County Communication Director, and David Dohe, the Emergency Management Director, took time from their busy schedules to stop by to meet the new City Manager.
At the last Commissioners meeting, Superintendent of Public Works Marty Hernandez received permission from the Commissioners to go to Topeka and examine two KDOT surplus dump trucks for possible purchase. These trucks were equipped with dump beds and salt/sand spreaders to treat roads during bad winter weather. One was listed for sale at $40,000 and one at $50,000. Hernandez was accompanied by Dale Lewis.
After examining the trucks offered for sale, Hernandez reported both trucks were in very rough condition and neither appeared to have much serviceable life left in them. They declined the purchase of either vehicle.
They have purchased equipment from the surplus inventory at Salina and will keep an eye on possible purchase of trucks from that location.
Hernandez reported on a new regulation at the Sanitary Landfill. They must maintain a 150-foot area inside the fence of the facility totally devoid of anything. This neutral zone is a new safety mandate.
Darcel McPeak, representing the High Prairie Cemetery, was present to request a letter of support from the Commissioners in their effort to acquire grant funds to construct a fence around their cemetery. The Commissioners agreed to provide such assistance.
Missy McGinnis asked for clarification regarding offering ambulance services to people in Osborne County. EMS services are provided to citizens of Osborne County by the for-profit AMR corporation. Mitchell County EMS has conducted calls in Osborne County and McGinnis was inquiring if they should continue to do so. After discussion of the topic, the Commissioners instructed McGinnis to continue answering calls in Osborne County as long as it does not compromise answering calls in Mitchell County.
Having addressed all the items on the printed agenda, the meeting was adjourned.


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