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To begin helping a child or senior receive a birthday cake in Beloit, please fill in the below Volunteer Form. When a cake is needed, you will be given a one week notice by phone or email along with the address the cake is to be delivered to, a contact name and phone number.

You will be responsible for providing a cake (or cupcakes, bought, baked from a mix or from scratch -- it's up to you!), contacting the cake requestor to arrange delivery and delivering the cake. It is a good idea to have your cake supplies available so you are ready to get baking once you get your cake request. You can buy various cake decorations or toppers.

Also, keep in mind that you will need something upon which to deliver your cake. Inexpensive cake boards can be bought at craft supply stores or you can cover foam board or cardboard with aluminum foil, for a more inexpensive option. 

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