By Terry Bailey

The Farmway Credit Union conducted their 71st Annual meeting in the lobby of the Credit Union Thursday afternoon, March 17, 2022. This is quite a difference from previous meetings held in a packed St. John's gymnasium. Everyone noted that the Covid-19 has created many changes across our hometown and across Kansas.
Chairman Jim Peroutek called the meeting to order in the lobby promptly at 4:30 p.m.
Jonell Schenk, a twenty-six-year member of the organization, gave the invocation.
Peroutek introduced the directors of the organization: Jim Peroutek, Pam Krier, Ken Tolbert, Jonell Schenk, Mark Marzolf, and Leland Baxa.
Ken Tolbert, secretary/treasurer, attested that all members of the Credit Union were duly notified of the 71st annual meeting. Tolbert also verified that a quorum was present, and business could be conducted.
Dee Anne Winkel, Vice-President in charge of finance, participating in her 37th annual meeting, directed those in attendance to the back of the program where they could review the minutes of the 2021 meeting. With no additions or corrections offered, the printed minutes were adopted.
It was announced the accounting firm of Lindberg, Vogel Pierce, Ferris Chartered would be doing the yearly audit of the organizations books this year.
Joe Deneke, president and manager said that the organization had experienced many changes over past two years. Social media is becoming more important as a method to conduct business. Deneke noted that many of the normal Credit Union's outreach programs into the community had been reduced to cancelled due to the pandemic. He encouraged the members to follow the organization on Facebook to stay informed. He also noted that there has been a big increase in business conducted via social media.
Deneke said, "In spite of all the challenges over the past two years, Farmway Credit Union is committed to provide all the services they had offered to their members in the past."
Deneke introduced Hannah Engel. She is the only new employee hired this past year.
Using a comparative financial statement, the organization had shares of $18,211,114 in 2010. Shares held in the organization in 2021 totaled $43,271,908.
Having conducted all the business before them, the meeting was adjourned.