By Terry Bailey

The Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their weekly meeting at the Courthouse on Monday, May 15, 2023. All Commissioners were present for the meeting.
David Dohe, Emergency Management Director, was present to discuss the every-changing details of the flood plain. At this point the details are still in a state of flux so there is nothing definite to report.
Marty Hernandez, Superintendent of Public Works, and Dale Lewis from the Road and Bridge Department were on hand to discuss the options on how to best proceed on finishing the floor in the new County Shop Building.
The concrete was expected to cure shortly after being poured. Regrettably, after a number of weeks, water is seeping out of the top of the concrete. The final epoxy paint coverage cannot be applied while moisture is still present.
After considering several courses of action, the Commissioners voted to expend $32,000 to apply a sealant coat to the floor to seal out the moisture. After the sealant is applied and dries, the regular floor paint can be applied.
Having addressed all the items on the printed agenda, the meeting was adjourned.