By Terry Bailey

The Mitchell County Commissioners meeting had a unique setting for their weekly meeting on Monday, December 4. Commissioner Tom Claussen was the only Commissioner in attendance. Commissioners Jim Marshall and Mike Cooper were absent. This meant there was not a quorum present and no official decisions could be made.
EMS Director Missy McGinnis was present to share plans for vehicle changes within her vehicle fleet. As it stands now, if a vehicle in the Beloit barn is out of service for varying reasons, she draws the ambulance from Tipton to fill the void. This does not happen often, but it does happen. When a call comes into the Tipton ambulance barn and the ambulance is in Beloit, the local EMTs must respond in their own cars. Numerous liability issues could come into play if an accident happens.
McGinnis offered to buy a Tahoe from the Sheriff's office fleet. The Ford Expedition she now drives could be stationed at the Tipton barn. Should the Tipton ambulance be temporarily stationed in Beloit, the EMTs at Tipton could respond in the four wheel drive Ford Expedition. This would provide them with a much more suitable vehicle for their travel needs.
Because of the lack of a quorum to make official decisions, Claussen said he would pass this request on to his fellow Commissioners at the next meeting.
The remainder of the meeting was devoted to Closed Executive Session time for the Department Heads to present the yearly evaluations of the personnel in their offices. Due to the lack of a quorum, Claussen collected the evaluation documents and will pass them on to Cooper and Marshall.
Department Heads and their departments: Missy McGinnis, Emergency Medical Services; Yvonne Melton, County Treasurer's Office; Tami Eck, Register of Deeds Office; Jason Vetter, Noxious Weed Treatment