Monday Sept 28 Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems Board Of Trustees Meeting

The Board of Trustees of Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems met last night for their monthly meeting.  After approval of the agenda, minutes from last month's meeting, and the consent agenda, the Board heard from a representative from certified public accountants Wendling, Noe, Nelson, and Johnson about the 2015 audited financials.  The Hospital received mostly favorable comments and reports from the information presented.  

Next on the agenda for the Board was a report from Darren True with a Studer Group update.  He shared with the Board that employees have signed a Standards of Behavior Agreement that states how they will act as employees of the Hospital.  He said these standards will also be incorporated into employees' yearly evaluations.  Another report heard by the Board was from Paula Jones, who updated the Board on what has been going on in Hospice.  The main reason for her visit was to ask for the Board's approval on a revision to their Spiritual Assessment policy.  The Board approved the update so that it would include that more than one pastor could be utilized as Chaplin for Hospice.  Pam Hollerich was up next to take the Board on a tour of the Resident Care Facility and update them on what has been going on in that department.  

New business for the Board included approving a security system proposal for a computer backup system that would include two servers for the Hospital.  Other new business approved by the board was the purchase of a single sign-on system including badges for employees to log into Meditech and allow them entrance to Hospital doors.  Service awards for this month include Janice Dameron, ER unit secretary, for 20 years, Beth Davis, Physical Therapy, for 25 years, Bobbi Solt, Environmental Services, for 30 years, Mike Meier, Physical Therapy, for 35 years, and Amber Mihm, Radiology, for 15 years.

The Board concluded their meeting with an executive session to discuss non-elected personnel.

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