Three Cooperatives Kickoff October Co-op Month with Cooportunity Day Picnic at the Park

October is National Co-op Month. A month dedicated to celebrating the cooperative difference, the proud heritage, and the ways cooperatives connect with each other, their communities and the world.

To recognize this special month, Farmway Co-op, Farmway Credit Union and Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative invite members and the community to the Cooportunity Day Picnic at the Beloit Chautauqua Park Friday, October 3rd from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. where lunch will be served. The cooperatives also ask guests to bring a non-perishable item to the Cooportunity Day Picnic for the Mitchell County Food Pantry.

"The co-op team is excited to host another year of serving the public in this way, but this year we're really excited to engage the community in providing for those in need through the Mitchell County Food Pantry," said Mallory Wittstruck of Farmway Co-op. "We want to make a big impact by working together and supplying much needed resources for the pantry."

Kansas cooperatives have a special commitment to helping their members and their communities, according to Wittstruck. That's because cooperatives, unlike many businesses, are locally owned and operated by those who use the products and services. And that's why cooperatives throughout the nation will be taking time during the month of October to promote a better public understanding of this unique form of business, she said.

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Farmway is a cooperative committed to Helping Our Owners Succeed. Whether it is helping to provide quality products and excellent service to improve the livelihood of our produces or using our resources to support communities across Kansas - it is part of Farmway, your "Partner in Growth." For more information on Farmway's products, services and membership, visit www.farmwaycoop.com or call 785-738-2241.


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