The Board of Trustees of the Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems met last night for their regular monthly meeting.  Mitchell County Regional Medical Foundation Executive Director Stephanie Simmons was on hand to discuss recent Foundation activity.  She shared that the Perdue House has had 7-10 visitors every 1 1/2 months, including the possibility of some overflow guests from the hospital and Hilltop.  Among other things going on, the Board heard a wrap up of the school marathon that took place this fall.  50 students from St. John's 1st through 5th grade completed the program and 140 students participated from Beloit Elementary School with 137 completing the program.  The Foundation is working with the City of Beloit to see if there are any programs that can be implemented to promote youth wellness throughout the year.  A diabetes prevention program and rural health focus were among other topics in the works for the Foundation with grant money received earlier this year.

CEO Jeremy Armstrong was next to present and he educated the Board on recent updates that may be coming to central Kansas in regard to healthcare reform.  He also announced that new employees of the Hospital would be given 30 and 90-day interviews to check in with them and their job satisfaction.  This practice has been shown to lead to higher retention rates of new employees.  He also announced that Director of Surgery and OR Christa Budreaux has stepped down from that position, but interviews to fill the position would be starting shortly. 

In new business, this month's service awards are for Shena Colson in Acute, 5 years, Austen Stamm in IT for 5 years, Stephanie Simmons of the Mitchell County Regional Medical Foundation for 5 years, Karma Kinser in acute for 15 years, and Joan Palen in acute for 20 years.  The meeting concluded with an executive session to discuss medical staff credentials and non-elected personnel.

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