Mitchell County Commissioners

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

By Terry Bailey


Because Monday was the observation of Memorial Day the Mitchell County Commissioners conducted their weekly business meeting on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. All Commissioners and the County Clerk were present for the meeting.

Jerry Oetting and Rick Brown addressed the Commissioners regarding the Fair Board affairs. Oetting is the retiring president of the Fair Board and Brown will be taking his place. They presented the Commissioners with a budget containing expenses incurred by the Fair Board and income received. The have compiled a needs list of repairs and replacements and a wish list of items needed to improve the Fairground area.

The Commissioners and Oetting and Brown discussed the recycling building and the ongoing concerns of high water bills. Commissioner Tom Claussen said he had talked with Barb Wise of OCCK about several possible solutions including turning over full control of the building to OCCK in return for them being responsible for paying the water bill.

The Mitchell County Fair will be on August 6, 7, 8 this year. Brown reported that all seats on the Fair Board have been filled but they will be losing Marcia Fleming as an outstanding secretary.

Two Neighborhood Revitalization Grants were approved. One was for Waconda Boats and Motors for a commercial addition to their property in the amount of $25,500. The second was for Mike and Karen Pestinger for a residential building in the amount of $185,327.

John Cashatt and Larry Emerson discussed the bridge inspection report with the Commissioners. Some bridges need immediate attention but most are not critical at this time. Cashatt said, “We have freezing and thawing they destroy the mortar. When the mortar goes bad the stones begin to fall out. It is a constant process.”

Mitchell County has 229 bridges with each having a lifespan of 70-80 years. As they age, they require attention on an ongoing basis.

Larry Emerson presented the Commissioners with a bid for a new copier for his secretary. His copier is broken and beyond repair. He said that the secretary could have the new copier which she needs, and he could take hers.

Emerson also brought up the topic of buying a new motor grader. The County has three and each of them are nine years old. They will discuss this at the next meeting.

Becky Schaeffer, Director of Communications, presented the Commissioners with a bid for a replacement server. The cost of the server all related items and services is $10,595. She has funds in her 911 budget to cover the cost. The Commissioners approved the purchase.

Clint Offut discussed the need to a new hand-held GPS data collection device. This would be of great benefit when he is doing work in the field and would have application to several other departments. The unit costs in the neighborhood of $10,000 dollars. He has about $5,000 in his budget to put toward the purchase and money could also be used from the 911 fund and from the County Assessors budget.

The Commissioners directed him to bring back some firm numbers next week for their consideration.

Eldon Koepke reported on his progress on obtaining property near the hospital.

Having cleared all the items from the agenda, the Commissioners adjourned the meeting.


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