NCK Tech Hosts Agricultural Mechanics Contest - Rock Hills Team

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(from left) Jarett Yelken, Logan Schwerman, Tyler Duskie, Levi Cusatis, Chase Wagner, Tyler Marr, Brayde Wagner, Waude Underwood

North Central Kansas Technical College (NCK Tech) hosted the annual Agricultural Mechanics competition on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 on the Beloit campus. High schools students from Beloit, Blue Valley, Republic Co., Rock Hills, Chapman, Minneapolis, Riley Co., Salina Central and Southeast of Salina High Schools participated in the event. During the contest, students tested their knowledge on: Planter Technology, the parts of a planter, calibration, safety (owner's manual, hands-on knowledge); Small Gas Engine Technology -- engine parts, engine theory, mechanical knowledge, tool use procedure (small gas engine book); Electrical Technology -- Ohm's Law, electrical terms, understanding schematics ; Carpentry Technology - the terms and procedures used in house construction, hand and power tool and wall and rafter layout; and Welding Technology -- terminology, procedure and welding skills.
Rock Hills Team 1 secured first place, with a total score of 772. Remaining teams and placement included: #2 -Minneapolis; #3 -Republic Co. Team 1; #4 -Riley Co. Team 1; #5 -Blue Valley Team 1; #6 -Beloit Team 1; #7 -Southeast of Saline Team 1; #8 - Rock Hills Team 2; #9 -Republic Co. Team 2; #10 -Chapman Team 1; #11 -Salina Central; #12 -Southeast of Saline Team 2; #13 -Riley Co. Team 2; #14 -Blue Valley Team 2; and #15 -Beloit Team 2.

The top 10 individual scores included: Chase Wagner, Rock Hills; Ethan Keating, Minneapolis; Randall Runnion, Minneapolis; Gage Grauerholz, Beloit; Christian Tipton, Republic Co.; Lane Howe, Riley Co.; Hughstin Pachta, Republic Co., Marshall Carey, Blue Valley and Jim Weller, Southeast of Saline.


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