Mitchell County Commissioners

July 14, 3014

by Terry Bailey


All Commissioners were present for their regular weekly meeting yesterday morning, July 14, 2014


First up was Ed Debesis, Emergency Medical Service director. He asked for a ten minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. When the regular meeting resumed, it was announced no action had been taken.

Debesis then distributed copies of his monthly activity report for June. During the previous month, twenty-one thousand seven dollars was billed for services. Eighteen thousand six hundred nine dollars were collected. Five thousand six hundred twenty-nine dollars was written off.

Thirty-four ambulance runs were made in June putting the yearly total to date at two hundred forty-four. The average age of the patient was fifty-nine years of age.

Debesis reported they have one ambulance out of service and is in the mechanic’s shop in Concordia. It has been down for three weeks with an internal engine oil leak that has been difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to repair.

Larry Emerson, Public Works Superintendent, submitted a proposed budget for the upcoming year for the Commissioners to review. Emerson commented, “The dollar amount for this budget is the same as last year’s. Some line items are higher and some are lower, but the total dollar amount is the same.”

Emerson informed the Commissioners that the Tice bridge project was moving along well. They almost have the back wall on the west side completed. When the work there is completed, they will be able to start installing bridge beams for the road surface.

Emerson also said the new auger almost paid for itself on this project considering the estimates provided by other contractors to drill the piling holes. When asked if there would be any haying done on the landfill property, Emerson said that there was not enough grass for any haying to be done.

Cortney Murrow, new Mitchell County Health Nurse and Kristen Kadel the recent interim Health Nurse were on hand to present the two thousand fifteen WIC budget for Ottawa County. The Commissioners approved the budget as presented.

Carol Miller, Director of the North Central Kansas Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA program, as well as Kathy Roberts a member of the North Central Kansas CASA Board of Directors, were on hand to present the two thousand fifteen budget. The budget request for the upcoming year is the same as the current year. The CASA program provides adult volunteers to work with youth who are involved in the court system. This is a challenging but highly rewarding volunteer opportunity. Currently more adult volunteers are very much needed. Anyone with an interest in serving as a CASA volunteer is encouraged to apply.

Scott Davies, Emergency Management Director, was on hand to discuss the Regional Mitigation Plan. In the past, these plans have been submitted to the State on a county-by-county basis resulting in one hundred five plans to be reviewed. Now, the state has been divided into fifteen Regions of similar make up.

Davies said that on August sixth from nine a.m. until noon a mock disaster function will be conducted in the library of the hospital. The basis of the disaster will be a tornado that has struck not only Beloit but other surrounding towns. The result of this is that no outside help will be available. Only the resources available in Beloit will be accessible to react to the mock disaster.

The final person on the agenda was Melinda Latham, County Appraiser. She asked for a ten minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. When the regular meeting resumed it was announced no action had been taken.

A review of the activities involved in the Glen Elder Fun Days this upcoming weekend was made and everyone was encouraged to attend.

There will be no Commissioners meeting on Monday, July 21, 2014. The next scheduled meeting will be Monday, July 28, 2014.

Having dealt with all items on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.

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