Mitchell County Commissioners Meeting Monday August 18th


Mitchell County Commissioners Meeting

Monday, August 18, 2014

by Terry Bailey


The Mitchell County Commissioners met yesterday morning for their weekly meeting to conduct the business of the county. The printed agenda indicated a brief meeting with only one item scheduled for discussion. Things became busier right off the bat.


County Attorney requested time to speak with the Commissioners to discuss the situation with the Beloit Planning Commission and some of the issues that developed as a result of their meeting last week. Noah acknowledged he had not been formally requested to render an opinion. However, along the same line, he said if a friend was getting ready to step off the curb in front of a bus he would try to warn him not to do it.

The statutes that are pertinent in this instance are K.S.A. twelve seven four four and K.S.A. twelve seven fifteen-b. Twelve seven four four states “Planning commission; creation; membership; vacancies; inter local agreements; metropolitan or regional planning. Section A states that “The governing body of any city, by adoption of an ordinance, may create a planning commission for such city. Any such planning commission shall be composed of not less than five members.

The facts are: there are only four members of the Beloit City Planning Commission. They are: Jeff Chrisman, Kathy Roberts, Andrew Grabon, and Nick Richmond. All are residents of the city of Beloit. Before November thirteenth of two thousand thirteen, Sharon Treaster was a member of the Committee. However Ms. Treaster passed away on November thirteenth, reducing the number from five members to four members.

Summing up Noah said, “It is my opinion that the actions taken by the Beloit City Planning Commission since at least November thirteenth, two thousand thirteen and probably before then, are invalid and illegal. This includes the meeting on August twelfth two thousand fourteen. The city should back up and increase the number of members on the committee to five members, thus making it a legally valid committee. Until this has been corrected it will not be possible to move forward.”

Heather Hartman was up next to update the Commissioners on numerous meeting she was attending relating to the new Neighborhood Revitalization Grant proposal She also said she will be assisting the city of Simpson with some planning activities.

Mitchell County sheriff, Doug Daugherty, requested a five minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. When the regular meeting resumed it was announced that no action had been taken.

Larry Emerson, Public Works superintendent gave an update to the Commissioners regarding the overlay and seal work being completed by the road crew. Emerson then requested a twenty minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. When the meeting resumed it was announced that no decisions had been made.

The Commissioners then reviewed and approved two Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Applications.

One was from the Beloit Medical Center, LLC in the amount of two hundred ten thousand three hundred eighty-four dollars to replace their parking lot.

The other was from Richard and Eve Debay. They requested thirty five thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars and sixty six cents for a thirty by sixty by twelve pole barn.

Having dispensed with all the business of the county, they adjourned the meeting.

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