Monday June 5th Mitchell County Commisioners Meeting


Mitchell County Commissioners


Monday, June 5, 2017


By Terry Bailey



The Mitchell County Commissioners met at the Courthouse Monday morning, June 5th, to oversee the business of the County. Commissioner Jim Marshall was absent due to his attending a funeral. Commissioners Cooper and Claussen were present as well as County Clerk Chris Treaster. Also in attendance were Jason Rabe and Heather Hartman.


Nathan Gentry representing the Beloit Amateur Radio Club, was present to update the Commissioners regarding the upcoming 24 hour continuous radio broadcast and reception activity. Last year the operation took place at Bohemian Hall. This year the club will set up their operation at the Barstow Building at the Fairgrounds. The date of the program is Saturday, June 24th. They will set up their radios and antenna at 10 a.m. and start broadcasting and receiving at noon. They will power their equipment with their own emergency generator to test the limits of the equipment. They will operate continuously until 10 a.m. Sunday morning. Everyone is invited to stop by and find out more about the radios. The Commissioners signed a proclamation declaring the week of June 18 through 24 as Amateur Radio Week in Mitchell County.


Commissioner Mike Cooper initiated a discussion regarding new legislation passed in response to the death of a young boy last summer at the water park in Kansas City. He said that counties and cities who own their own amusement rides may be greatly affected by the new laws. At this point there is a great deal of uncertainty about what will happen.


The Commissioners and the County Clerk recessed into a ten minute executive session for the purpose of discussing non-elected personnel. No decisions were made as a result of that closed session.


Superintendent of Public Works, Dale Housh and the Commissioners discussed options for spend the remaining money in the Dane Hanson Grant fund for the County Wide Cleanup. There is about $4,000 remaining in the original $10,000 total. An option that drew positive interest was to allow tractor tires to be disposed of at the Landfill. They believed there was money to allow the disposal of about 160 tractor tires. They will attempt to work out the details before making a final decision.


Cortney Murrow, Mitchell County Health Nurse, was present to discuss the proper storage of vaccines at the Health Department. On May 19th the temperature monitor on the certified vaccine refrigerator indicated the temperature in that refrigerator was getting too hot. Because the vaccines will be ruined if the temperature gets too hot, the vaccines were transferred into another refrigerator at the health department. Steps were taken to determine what was wrong with the vaccine refrigerator. Before long it was noted that the temperature in the refrigerator now holding the vaccines was registering at a reading colder than acceptable. Fearing that all the vaccines were damaged and no longer usable, Murrow checked with the vaccine vendors to find the guidelines for being too hot or too cold. Fortunately, most of the vaccine would be okay for use.


Murrow said they had made arrangements for a new vaccine refrigerator. The old one was 8 years old and was in need of replacement. KSDE will pay for one half of the cost of a new refrigerator. The cost to Mitchell County for the new refrigerator will be about $2,000.


The Commissioners appointed Barbara File to the Mitchell County Planning Commission to take the place of Dale Twaddell. They will look for a new alternate in case one is needed in the future.


According to information furnished by the County Clerk, Chris Treaster, the following people have filed for offices across the county:


City of Beloit


Ward One – Tony Gengler and Ron Sporleder


Ward Two – Matt Otte


Cawker City


City Council – Janice Cornely. Douglass Bader, Cole Eberle


Glen Elder –


City Council – Sheila Paxson


Tipton –


Mayor – Branden Hake


City Council – Lisa Hake




Mayor – Brad Nitsch


Council – Billie Woddell




No filings




No filings


USD #272


Position 4 – Jessica Scott


Position 5 – No filing


Position 8 – Rodney Hake


USD #273


Position 4 – Joe File


Position 5 Jason Johnson


Position 6 – No filing


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