NCK Tech College Board Meeting Monday Aug 5th


NCK Tech College Board Meeting


Monday, August 5, 2019


By Terry Bailey


These people committed atrocious acts. To kill those that they killed, sometimes including their selves, they did not use a rock. They did not use a bow and arrow. They did not use a sacred Cherokee war club. They didn’t use a garrote, a guillotine, or an electric chair. They used guns.


Columbine High School 13 killed - 24 wounded


Sandy Hook Elm School 20 children + 6 teachers killed


Aurora, Co. Theatre 14 killed - 38 wounded


Virginia Tech College 32 killed – 17 wounded


Tucson-Gabby Giffords 6 killed – 11 wounded


Jonesboro, Ark. Elm 4 stud.+1 tch. killed - 10 wounded


Red Indian Lake Mall 9 killed – 7 wounded


Ft. Hood, Texas 13 killed – 32 wounded


AME Church – Charleston 9 killed – 3 wounded


Jason Aldean Concert 59 killed – 500+ wounded


Douglas High School 17 killed, - 14 wounded


Garlic Festival – Gilroy, CA 4 killed – 13 wounded


El Paso Walmart 22 killed – 24 wounded


Dayton Night Club area 10 killed – 27 wounded


The clear and irrefutable facts are that they used a gun or guns to do the killing. They used guns of various styles, calibers, and designs. The AR-15 style weapon seems to the killing machine of choice. They used guns to do the killing. In many cases the guns were legally obtained. I am against innocent people, especially kids in schools, getting killed by a creep or creeps. Because they used guns, I am against innocent people in society getting killed by bad people using guns.



President Eric Burks called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The first order of business was to elect new officers for the 2019-20 school year. Jim Johnson was once again named as the board chairperson and Carolyn Finney was elected as the vice-chair.


President Burks noted that with the new structure of leadership there will be a few growing pains but he expects that within a short period of time things should smooth out.


Burks said that vice president Gottschalk and Janet Mohler have spent a lot of time over the summer reviewing the school’s website for accuracy. He said, “Our website is the primary component of our marketing strategy, so it is important that we feel confident in it.”


Samuel Bailey has been named as the Electrical Technology instructor at the Hays campus. This leaves the school short two instructors. One is a second level Electrical Technology instructor in Hays and one is a Nursing instructor in Hays.


Burks reported that four new instructors attended the Kansas Council for Workforce Education new instructor workshop.


A $100,000 grant has been received from the Dane Hansen Foundation to continue the Hansen Career Enhancement Scholarship program. This program is aimed at non-traditional students seeking to improve their lives by earning a degree.


School faculty will return the week of August 12. Dean Brown will conduct a new faculty orientation. An all-staff meeting will be held on August 13 and a faculty meeting will take place on August 14.


Burks reminded everyone that the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Team will conduct and on site visit on October 14-15. This is a particularly important meeting because the accreditation of the school is the focus of this visit.


Burks gave the Board an update on the Shooting Sports complex. He said the area should take 5-7 acres. They have been slowly progressing on the project. Mark Jones who was instrumental in the early stages of the efforts, has had surgery and will not be able to help for a while.


The expected enrollment at this time for the 2019-20 school year is 473. Of that number 444 are confirmed enrollees.


Brandi Zimmer gave the Board her financial report. It was unanimously accepted.


The new handbook with numerous updates and clarifications was adopted by the Board.


The Board approved an emphasis on establishing an amount of unrestricted funds for the Foundation to use at its discretion.


Brandi Zimmer also discussed the establishment of “in kind” funds identifying the donation of equipment and supplies to the Foundation.

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